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    Seems like more an issue of setting than anything else.

    If she's in a bar surrounded by friends, being direct puts her on the spot and gives her an awkward spotlight situation.

    On the other hand, stopping a girl on the street, especially in a way where it's obvious you didn't stop any stranger, anything other than direct would seem like you're scared of saying why you actually stopped her.


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      Grod, The only person you agree with is Colgate . For sure your fav toothpaste is Colgate,too . I brushed my teeth with it yesterday.


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        Editing a comment
        I agree with Colgate ,Mystery ,Beckster,Discovery,Beckster, Sebastian GOLD,KOSMO, Ben Price3sr , Madison3sr you know guys who have all learned from Mystery directly ! Todd was not one of them,skills is not one of them ,bacchus or teevis isnt one of hem You are not one of them etc! in my (And their eyes) unless you gottta bootcamp from someone who knows the method your opinion is null and void, I cant tell ya how many times ive seen someone say negs or dhvs or indirect opens or a3 is xyz and their wrong wrong wrong! Hdr what are you on this site for to get better, pick a method I can help you with the indirect 3sr stuff(only one here qualified for that) or go direct but hit the field get some experience come back and field report your findings ,you seem to like starting threads and discussing pickup rather than get better at it!

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      I want to practice The Mystery Method to the point where I do not wanted to go through any other program but obviously now I started to understand that I have to start somewhere to even start using The Mystery Method or even to apply your tips , so , I started with the Program She is six steps away by Eric Disco .

      I am on second step ( first step was to go out and explore places ) where I have to stand next to a girl 5 girls a day for a week .
      Both missions easy .
      Few things which were happening are that the salesman asking what I want ..
      I sometime made it not awkward by even talking to sales men a little bit about something and so on .
      Things I am glad about are as follows :
      I pushed it to complete the mission like even if I had to walk 10 minutes more ( I never walked that much in my entire life let alone in my area )
      Yesterday ,
      It was raining and raining not like heavy rain but enough that my hair was all wet and my jacket was all wet and I am walking in the rain to not quite .
      Even a little is seeming sometime too much but I am going to not quite .