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    Grod , You say taking a bootcamp or getting a coach because the live feedback is important but that problem can be solved, many Programs solves this issue .
    I mean , I am not going to sit around and wait for a coach to give live feedbacks to become a PUA , sure at some point I would take a bootcamp from Mystery but I am not seeing it happening soon , hahaha , so , I have to practice on my own yet .


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      Seems like more an issue of setting than anything else.

      If she's in a bar surrounded by friends, being direct puts her on the spot and gives her an awkward spotlight situation.

      On the other hand, stopping a girl on the street, especially in a way where it's obvious you didn't stop any stranger, anything other than direct would seem like you're scared of saying why you actually stopped her.


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        Grod, The only person you agree with is Colgate . For sure your fav toothpaste is Colgate,too . I brushed my teeth with it yesterday.


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          I want to practice The Mystery Method to the point where I do not wanted to go through any other program but obviously now I started to understand that I have to start somewhere to even start using The Mystery Method or even to apply your tips , so , I started with the Program She is six steps away by Eric Disco .

          I am on second step ( first step was to go out and explore places ) where I have to stand next to a girl 5 girls a day for a week .
          Both missions easy .
          Few things which were happening are that the salesman asking what I want ..
          I sometime made it not awkward by even talking to sales men a little bit about something and so on .
          Things I am glad about are as follows :
          I pushed it to complete the mission like even if I had to walk 10 minutes more ( I never walked that much in my entire life let alone in my area )
          Yesterday ,
          It was raining and raining not like heavy rain but enough that my hair was all wet and my jacket was all wet and I am walking in the rain to not quite .
          Even a little is seeming sometime too much but I am going to not quite .