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    Is there general agreement that we should rename this forum Cold Approach Game?

    Any objections?
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    To me cold approach is to vague. It could mean nightgame, daygame, screening game etc. Becuase we have some pure pick up arts gamers and some people who just want to know how to get laid. Otherwise I think we are going to keep having disagreements. I think that we should have a forum for daygame screening game, daygame pick up artist game, night game pure pick up arts, night game screening. Online screening, Online true pick up arts. Mystery Method Game as well. Then moderators should have a productive time calling someone out for being off topic. If not then it's like who's in the wrong here because they have a right to post what they think it should be and the arguments will remain. If some people would still like to argue than the mods can send out warnings etc.

    Some of these forums might not have a lot of posters. But it is up to those posters to generate content that is interesting if they would like to attract more posters. That way they can go in other forums if they want but they have to discuss on topic and be learning and not arguing what pick up should be on this forum.

    I for one am interested in learning other people methods but discussions get dilluted like this. So I think it's a good thing even though it's not my go to method.

    I think a fashion forum would be great too.


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      I like the name Cold Approach - implying you are approaching a woman who does not already know you I.e. a stranger.


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        We do not need such a forum. It has to be the general forum.

        I will not post on a pick up forum where actual pick up (!) is only discussed in a subforum.

        Enough is enough for me. I desperately try to give this forum a chance because truth is I enjoy forums and especially pick up forums. Yet every time i log in, it just keeps getting worse.

        Edit: That said, Velascos last thread was a breath of fresh air!



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          short post intermission:

          Please cont...