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Desperate To Solve My AA In Clubs (willing to pay)

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    For me:
    1) alcohol doesn't help. (exception: when she is so guilt ridden and has a hard time giving herself permission to open up, alcohol provides a plausible excuse. Still I try to avoid it)
    2) being horny increases my motivation BUT ALSO my outcome dependency. Being attached to an outcome is the biggest factor in AA. When you realize you have a precious thing to offer, you'll start feeling used and then you'll wish you got back a bit of the AA tension. I still get AA sometimes. I think I relish it when I do.
    3) you say you get approached (by 6's, etc.) Instead of being busy staying above them, pay close attention to those interactions. You will be surprised how natural women can make it, talking to strangers. Knowing that women see approach as natural should ease your mind. Try to emulate, if not their exact words, their openness, vibe, etc. They tell you what they want to hear. Just get out of your head and learn to listen.
    OK, just read page 1 and 4, please ignore my advice if redundant.


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      I will coach you from the absolute and below nothing.

      I am not doing this from the benevolence of my heart. I am doing it to figure out that I am wrong, and in that case, I will take you down with me.


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        I'd take COCPORN up on the offer! He really knows his stuff.

        Anyway, a lot of your AA is likely due to you making the approach something important, when it shouldn't be. It should be fun, but now it seems anxiety-driven because you lay a lot of responsibility on yourself to perform well to making sure that she likes you, when you in fact don't have much control over that at all. You can ease the anxiety off by also "approaching" men, and by being social with everyone. That's often enought to be viewed as a high value person by the crowd. Then you'll experience being bought beers and presented to the hottest women in the club without having to put much effort into it, bessides the initial mingling period. Visualisations and social affirmations also work surprisingly well.


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          I've never actually seen anyone have no AA in real life. And I've met many of the RSD coaches and seen them in field and a few other well known guys.

          Yes, there are times where I don't have it all but it fluctuates. The guys that claim they don't have AA when I actually see them in field and I can ask them to approach such and such set (if it looks difficult). They'll often come up with some rationalization to maintain ego frame.

          I'd love to be wrong though I'm just saying I haven't seen it before but yes there are times where I have zero AA.

          Usually it's a combo of social momentum, being in a good mood before, and sometimes being on a PED. The combo of those 3 is great. Also just eating healthy in general is a more mild and building up of PED. PED = performance enhancing drug. I could be projecting though because both of my parents are neurotics so I likely have the high anxiety gene as well. I think most people have anxiety moderate anxiety though as cities/clubs etc. are not natural. We're built to know the people around us for decades.