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UBER Shared Rides - I might be onto something

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  • UBER Shared Rides - I might be onto something

    (This is just on it's initial stages, but so far it's looking very promising.)

    Yesterday it was labor's day, so I got out of the house early to do some work errands.
    In the afternoon came back to my place to date a new prospect .....who ended up being a bust (really cute, 8.5 little asian, but she found out about my real age and went MIA lol. Fuck my life x 1000).

    Anyway, on my first shared ride of the day, a very cute 30ish asian enters the car.
    By default, I always sit on the back and, if needed, move to the other side when another person joins.
    So she joined us and had her groceries bags with her.
    I instantly opened her:

    "wow, this looks nice. How good is this new groceries shop (one that opened last week very close to where I live).
    Oh, its great! A little expensive but they have lots of good stuff. Like for instance this foreign beer blablabla
    cool, so you live nearby?
    yes, I live at X street. Now I'm going to meet a friend blablabla

    great! I'm going to work a bit now, but running a little late because I was at the movies yesterday"
    Oh, what do you do?
    I'm an achitect, how about you blablabla

    Bottom line, I told her I've sold my car earlier this year and she told me she did the same.
    Took the chance and said those shared ride apps were booming in SP.
    I could show her the best ones
    "yeah, sure"
    I'm not finding it on my phone right now, but I can show you later when I get back home.
    Just gimme your IG or facebook so I can message you
    Of course! It's @XXXXX

    Later he day I pinged her and just said:
    It was a cool uber conversation
    Unexpected too
    You have some great energy, can tell that

    Yeah, I liked your vibe too, blablabla

    (we talked for a bit, she suggested we should grab coffee some day, told her my number... now I am working on that date for next week, cause she's gonna travel tomorrow)

    Second one was on my way back home.
    One of the most beautiful faces I've seen this year, she looked like a russian porcelain doll.
    Brunnete, also 30ish, really awesome white skin with great facial features.
    First she had her sunglasses on, but when she took them off I was stunned for a split second.
    Like that feeling

    Well, as usual I opened her:

    Afternoon is it going?
    I'm fine
    Yeah, it's an awesome sunny day. Too bad I had to work
    Yeah, me too!
    Really? Such a shame lol. What were you up to?
    Oh, I was doing a video for a client, blablabla. And you? What do you do?
    Oh, I'm an architect. I was at a clients doing blablabla
    So, do you live nearby? I'm guessing I'll be the first one to drop
    No, i live at X. Do you know where it is?
    Of course!I used to train at Y, it's close to your place
    Yes, I know that gym blablabla

    Soon enough I switched the topic to travel and found out she's lived in India for 6 months and was kind of into that mystic stuff
    When I was about to leave I said:
    "We should switch IG so we could talk more about our travels"
    yeah,'s mine @FFFF

    On IG it was the same stuff:

    It was a cool uber conversation
    Unexpected too
    You have some great energy, can tell that

    Yeah, super unexpected lol

    after a brief back and forth, I suggested a coffee and she gave me her number.
    This weekend she's staying with her kid, but next one we're still up for a date.

    Thoughts and comments are more than welcome.

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    This is the 2nd of these recently, right?

    Nice one man. Its not something you can count on, but Uber users will skew in the younger/hipper direction, and you end up in a closed setting with the other passengers which is good for game.

    The indirect approach you're taking seems the best bet, though you have the option of risking a bit more since there's really nothing to lose (unless Uber users can downrate each other.)


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      ive been dping this last year with colgate when he was sarging on the way to the club in the shared ride ..i got 1 girl this way but dont use lfyt too much (unless its comin bak from a girls house )


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        Nooo, I don't go out looking for it.
        Just seized some opportunities.

        This is more the "go about your day" daygame route.
        The key here IMHO is to have a decent IG as kinda of a middle step till you get their numbers and really go for the date.
        (fuck followers and likes, just have good pictures of yourself doing cool stuff).

        Edit: getting Velasco's suggestion, to use this feature you should have a real IG account with at least 300 followers and real friends in there. Huge following helps, but it's not mandatory.

        Once they've seen you're just a cool regular dude, they will be open to meet you on a less social and more individual environment.
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          Originally posted by Grodmeister General View Post
          ive been dping this last year with colgate when he was sarging on the way to the club in the shared ride ..i got 1 girl this way but dont use lfyt too much (unless its comin bak from a girls house )
          Do you remember how the interaction went and how you proceed after the ride?


          • Grodmeister General
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            mhm i ran my stack (i view it as practice for before and after the clubs) it was 20 minute ride we hit it off and so we added each other on insta and exchanged numbers and i kept it going ,,same Modus operandi for every situation!

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          Originally posted by POB View Post
          (fuck followers and likes, just have good pictures of yourself doing cool stuff).
          man I hate commenting about shit I have no experience with (don't have an IG) buuuuut...

          If she opens up your IG, and sees that you've only got say 16 followers, and on average get 1 like per post, and no comments on your pics, that's really gonna hurt you. Despite having cool pics.

          My wing does have experience with both of these (gaming girls in shared rides and has an IG)

          Both of us live in America and majority of American girls can definitely spot fake followers, but foreign girls can't apparently.

          He's got some cool pics but his follower count is high (not sure how much he paid for those followers tho) and basically after exchanging IGs with foriegn girls, he tells me the girls all message him back. Thinking he's some kind of celebrity or something lol.

          As for shared ride gaming. Logic brought it up. It's best to go indirect like you do, POB. Because you really do have something to risk if the seduction goes bad. The girl can report you for sexual harassment and then they'll (the company) delete your account. No questions asked. Thankfully my wing got his account back (emailed the company a very persuasive message lol), but he's a lot more low key when tryna seduce girls in the back seat of shared rides nowadays.


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            Perhaps I didn't make myself clear enough.
            My bad.

            My point was, as a middle step, your social media must look cool and show you as a decent dude. Nothing more.
            Of course it must be real, and not something you did on the fly just to grab chicks numbers.
            I have 400 followers and it never hurt anything for me, at least that I'm aware of.
            And I have a couple of pure IG lays to prove me right.

            More followers would help?
            Maybe ...specially with younger chicks who live and die by that crap.
            But me, POB, I could not give two shits about social media.
            I have it only to keep in touch with distant friends and family, and to manage my roster without directly messaging them... that's all.

            If I did wish to show off, I could give then my professional account who does have tens of thousands of followers.
            But I don't.


            • Velasco


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              Yeah, 400-500 followers is good enough to show her that you're a decent dude with a cool life.

              My wing created an Instagram account in February of this year. And had under 50 followers (which signals low status. Even tho he's rich and travels...just doesn't have a lot of friends) before purchasing fake followers.

              My issue was with your statement that 'followers and likes' don't matter. Which is false.

            • POB


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              I fixed the original post to avoid confusion.
              We are in agreement here.

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            I got both those chicks on dates.

            The fist one met me very close to my place, after work
            Took her to my favorite spot on the mall, a beautiful garden next to a deli.
            I was full of food so I did not order anything. She got a fancy coffee that she paid for.
            We talked for an hour, she was mostly telling me about her failed marriage and whatnot
            Them I ramped up the sex talk and asked her about her fantasies.
            Found out she has a strong desire to fuck on airplanes.
            "Really? But have you done that before?"
            "Not yet...but I gave a full blowjob once, made him cum also. We put blankets on top and did it right there"
            Second date was dinner at my place, as soon as we got in the elevator I kissed her and grabbed her butt
            We had dinner and fucked for 2 hours, but she couldn't wait and gave me a blowjob right from the start.

            The second one was really into me, gave her the whole 9 yards of sex talk, shoot out Teevester 8 orgasms routine, and it set up a very interesting conversation about sex and her former lovers.
            But as I scheduled a second date on my place to fuck her she bailed last second.
            "Oh, I liked you a lot, but I'm already seeing this guy, he's really nice, maybe I will regret this decision, we should keep talking, blah, blah, blah"
            "Ok, no sweat. Good luck to you"
            Shes still following me on IG and I'll probably fuck her some moment in the future.
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            • Bacchus


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              Great stuff POB.

            • POB


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              Thx a lot man!
              Guess you'll be at the new forum too