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Gaming Girls Who Aren't Very Into You From The Start

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    Sorry, I do not post on open forums any longer.

    God damned retard.


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      I will indulge you if only to highlight your absolute and infinite stupidity:

      Do I look like I want a job as a salesman?


      Does it look like I am telling a story most people can relate to so they understand a basic concept in game?

      I am sure your bits of knowledge will take you far. Perhaps too far. Will you still remember us when you are rich and famous?

      What people can keep in their mind at the same time is not huge. When you actively derail, you are making things worse. Every breath out of your mouth in this post is not garbage that can be easily ignored, because while it might be true, it is not in any sense helpful.

      What is it that you expect is going to happen from this? Do you think people are going to be happy with you because at the age of 45 I suddenly understand how commerce works?

      Do you understand the difference between saying stuff because you have facts and contributing? Because I suspect you really don't.

      YOU didn't play the game, and the guy decided to hook you up just a bit because he was already making considerably more than he wanted to make off the sale, and probably felt bad about it a bit. Even a ruthless salesman doesn't necessarily want to take an innocent guy to the cleaners for all he can get.
      Use all your logic and reason to tell me how this somehow contributes.

      Use all your energy to tell me why you're calling me out on something I did wrong for rhetoric, and then turn around and tell me how it benefits anyone in the whole world.

      I will be eternally curious about what you meant to accomplish.

      Seriously: FT.


      • Logic&Reason


        Editing a comment
        I did over here before I saw this:

        Your language towards me is out of line, btw. I'll assume you're just in mega messageboard warrior mode, as happens sometimes, and give you the benefit of the doubt.

      • COCPORN


        Editing a comment
        I am sorry. You are right in the way I handle myself, and I am wrong.

        It would be interesting to actually discuss the problem I was trying to address at some point, but it is obvious at this point that that will never happen.