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  • These are all so good.

    Literally been compared to a big cat by an old fling, lazy to calcukated strike, mirrors my vibe through the eyes..

    On the hunt:

    Then switched to relaxed kind of not interested

    Depending on the hunt vibe and mingle and reciprocation, its kind of like a slow open accidental "oh hey convo together now? Hmm bye bye maybe later.." and depending on how many girls are in the venue, and how many youve vibed with, if she hooks you can hold and amp up or let go easily with this look slow vibe, non erbal sex appeal.

    Ive had many lays start like this
    In Ictu Oculi


    • My diagrams, even the FISH to some degree, suffer from a common problem. SEQUENCE. Ill try to explain why this is bad in one word: Logic.

      So far, this is what I came up with for improvement:

      (Long have I feared this day. I must post a pic, but Picasa is no more.. WOW, not sure how, but I managed to use Blogger to get google photos to create the old link format that Picasa used to make, and then only had to replace height/width with "s0" to get original, just like Picasa. Yay!)


      • Or..


        • -Been looking for an easy to use online mind mapping tool. MindMup via google drive, is VERY easy and intuitive.
          -Im in love after just 1 day!! 8 min intro:
          -Also, I know a lot of you are questioning the need for maps and images. Let me reassure you - its ESSENTIAL!
          -Here is a quick (90 sec) demonstration:;t=3m47
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          • Ahh, completely forgot to finalize my 'keen' concept (below), and meanwhile I realized that it is a 3-legged dog, as long as I dont fully incorporate KINO.. (for some reason, ASF was always shy when it came to kino talk.. and probably still is. But there are some good threads, like this one: )
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            • Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
              Ahh, completely forgot to finalize my 'keen' concept (below), and meanwhile I realized that it is a 3-legged dog, as long as I dont fully incorporate KINO.. (for some reason, ASF was always shy when it came to kino talk.. and probably still is. But there are some good threads, like this one: )
              interesting, my last outing a few days ago the girl slowly reached in the following way

              (1) Keen - slowly talking and social connectedness - opening her up and starting this a glimpse in her eye moments
              (2) Delighted - she started coming to me teasy kinda (here giving space for it to expand is key)
              (3) Deep immersion type sultryness (less sultry more deep sensual nuance to it) - Isolation and forehead to forehead type dancing.

              i think my game was for once quite even keelish - super grounded, silent type omitting vibes and contained type vibes. i didnt try anything, jsut focussed on me and how i reacted to her and the environment. I gave her alot of space to feel in. my ownly moves where prolonged attentions and fysically leading her while displaying social value in our group. but i saw her which tapped into something for her. i think a deeper need to be really seen nonjudgementally and with an in cruious about you i like what i see kinda vibe - inner smile im pleased with waht i see type. anyways - the process i noted was the 1-2-3 above. Bursting was never there. Not needed really imo.
              Heard you not the type that you take home to mom

              Glows Log


              • Just playing around a bit with how the core idea of pu attraction can be conveyed to a reader.. work in progress.


                • Found a new take on dumbing down/drunk-like/stone-like/child-like today..
                  I pictured the area of my sensory awareness as a force field (think smoke, colored light and disco lasers) - BLUE.
                  Then I pictured my intellectual awareness area similarly - RED.
                  Then I sort of reduced the red to a cylinder, thinner and thinner until it was disappearing into my spine.
                  Then I sort of extended the blue further and further, while keeping the red as a super small/thin cylinder.

                  I did not anticipate, but it lead to extreme relaxedness in body, and a sense of just 'being' and not trying.


                  • Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
                    Did a slight update;

                    Edit - the outer red is the 'pen & paper' stuff, while the blue in the middle is the 'value' one hopes to increase through such activities.
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                    • Its very rare for me to find someone who has a perspective on PU that has actual similarity to my own.. needless to say, I am very impressed by this person, and after studying his 'method' for a bit, I took the liberty of making this:


                      • Great stuff and it's good to see him back.


                        • Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
                          Just toying a bit around with this one..


                          • Minding mindfully -
                            clever use of your cleverness

                            Reminder - my project philosophy

                            Early in the day, the rested mind is keen and sharp. So start at the highest idea level ('meaning of life' and similar) and work yourself quickly down to more detailed stuff, like particular activities and items you might acquire.

                            During this time, ideas and 'path' to take should simply reveal themselves. If not, move on*.

                            Round off with writing down possible tasks for the day. Read through them again and embolden the ones that seem important to the point of slightly anxious you somehow wont get it done.

                            Tape (or otherwise fixate) the list on top of your phone screen, in a way that you cant check time/phone, without flipping it up. During the day, put check marks next to things that get done.

                            *: Dont force it. Instead, in the evening, before getting too sleepy, try to draw a simple concept art (stick figures and arrows is fine) of the thing you cant really figure out. Then see if path to take is easier to find next morning, as if something magical had happened during the night.


                            • Lack of resolve.. a paraphrase of why "role vision" can be an ultimate path.
                              -Resolve, is the natural state of any entity in nature. It is how we are designed. To go and do "survival and reproduction" at all times.
                              -Intelligent thinking, is the act of putting resolve on hold, in order to re-calculate options. Through repeated iterations of this, we can sometimes lose sight of the original/basic resolve, which is like forgetting who/what we are.
                              -In psych. terms, we could call it an identity crisis. The resistance we feel when trying to act, would then fall under cognitive disonnance (actions and self concept failing to match up).

                              If so, that could explain why its so effective to focus on seeking a role/self concept.. and why its so much harder to take specific isolated action, without seeing it as part of a role.


                              • Sooo,,