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  • Originally posted by Stargazer View Post
    I made a new thread:

    Impulse We can see that you post but we can't read what you post. You are wasting your time posting here unless you find a way to get around your ban.
    dude...are you looking for drama? LOL


    • Ij,
      Maybe just restart this as a log in the logs section w a link since the admins seem gone or too busy to move it to logs or whatever. full respect for that btw. More if you feel like continueing it same style of high level abstraction/unfinishedness/self absorption (i think its a fair point that taking space in one of the key forums is not appropriate unless you spell things out in comprehensible formats).

      As youve seen Im writing my log as an open notebook, so its an invite to join in for people but also a space where its closer to me and on my path
      i dont care if people understand why what what i write and i write more note like, ideas, perspectives - shooting things in fast and unfinished.
      and i assume most people dont care cause im writing there in my own space kinda, not taking focus in overviews and highlight sections.

      Just an idea for a #solution
      Heard you not the type that you take home to mom

      Glows Log


      • ijjjji


        Editing a comment
        Valid points! This thread is already at its end as far as Im concerned