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Guide to Club Game (Julien Manifesto)

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  • Guide to Club Game (Julien Manifesto)

    Made a summary of a good video about club game. Learned lots of new things. Enjoy-
    (btw here is the vid:

    Three Rules for Opening:

    • Lower Your Time Of Reaction. Get in there fast before you start to find excuses, use the canned opener: "Hi, my name is ..." if nothing situational comes in your mind
    • Instead of Calibrating Before, Start Calibrating After The Fact. The problem with calibrating before the fact is that it fucks up your game because you go inside your head. Opening is like landing a plane, sometimes its smooth and perfect, sometimes you have to calibrate a lot. Get in the habit of handling those rough landings. Since there is no limited amout of opens, there is no reason not to approach even if the success chances are low
    • Set The Right Frames Of The Interaction. The frame you want to set is Man-to-Woman, not Friend-to-Friend or Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend, don't hide your intentions but be shameless, don't go under the radar. Some good ways to set the Man-to-Woman frame: physicality from the start (the more you wait to touch her, the more it will be akward later), good eye-contact (a girl can tell everything by a guy's eyes - is he flinching? are his eyes relaxed? is he in the moment or is he going inside his head thinking what to say next?), breaking rapport tonality (your questions sound like statements, be commanding). The three things (physicality, eye-contact, BR-tonality) are just things that accentuate the Man-to-Woman frame, ultimately it should come from your vibe. Your vibe can change depending on how you feel: if you want to be chill, be chill, if you want to be energetic, be energetic. You can even be tired and open weak but be super congruent to that and have it work. As long as your thoughts, words and actions are aligned, you can open with any vibe you want. Have no filters at all, fully express yourself. You only have to worry about passing shit-tests IF your thoughts, words and actions are NOT aligned, in other words you try to manipulate the way you present yourself. Having no filters is what creates comfort because she knows you are not presenting yourself as someone you are not (you are not a psycho who hides it)

    Opening is basically landing the plane and reaching the hook point. Hook point: the girl wants you to stay more than she wants you to leave. You can tell the hook point by her eyes, if she has the Anime Eyes and just stands there with opened eyes, ready to receive and ready to get to know you. Sometimes you open with "Hey! You're cute!" and you get to the hook point immediately, sometimes thats not enough and you have to plow/manage the landing.

    • Instead Of Being Turned On By Her Reactions, Start Getting Turned On By Your Own Actions. Feel good for the fact that you took action regardless of her reaction; the better you get, the more girls will giggle and give you a great reaction when you talk to them which will bore you and you will not be able to get in the zone anymore IF the girl's reaction is what turns you on. If you tell a girl a story you should be more turned on by sharing and expressing it than the reaction you get out of it. Be so passionate about the stuff you talk that you don't care about her reaction at all
    • Set The Rythm Of The Interaction. In any social interaction one person is reacting more to the other person than that person is reacting to them, you're the doer and she is the spectator; be at the cause, not the effect. Example: a bootcamp student walks up to a girl who is texting on her phone and he opens her with "Hey! My name is.." and she says back "Hey, listen. I am in trouble sending this text, can you help me out?". With helping her out, he is reacting to her. Better would be to say "Okay i will help you, but before: whats your name?". A good way to get the girl to react to you is by using breaking rapport, short sentences in the first few minutes. The more the girl reacts to you, the more she can experience your reality.
    • Getting In Close. The closer you are to her, the more she can feel you.
    • Be The Buyer, Not The Seller. Electronic store analogy: If you want to buy a television and you walk into the store you don't point at one tv and buy it. Instead, you look at different tv's and examine each one. The money is still in your pocket and you're not sold yet.
    • Every Girl Gives Different Levels Of Indicators Of Interest. Only look for the Anime Eyes to find out if you have hooked her. Some girls are quit and listen, others giggle, etc. If she is focused on you and stands there while you talk with Anime Eyes, that means that you have value.
    • Vibing. At this point, she will start to contribute more to the conversation and it will go from 90/10 to 50/50. Its crucial to stop setting the rythm and let her contribute. This can be hard because you get such great reactions from talking and making her react that if feels counterintuitive to stop now and let her talk. The heroin analogy: if you give a girl heroin, and again and again and again she will die. However, if you give her heroin once or twice and then stop, she will be hooked on the drug. Similar when you talk to her and give her the great emotions, you shouldn't overdue it. If you reached the hook point, chill the fuck out because your job is done.
    • You Have To Give Her The Opportunity To Talk Back. If you don't let her interact with you, she will not view you as a real person but just something that gives her good emotions
    • Start Viewing Her As A Real Human Being. If you are good you will usually get to the hook point fast and get so many good reactions that you stop viewing the girls as real human beings. Always open the girl you want directly (intent), don't open the group because like said above you always want to calibrate after the fact, never before. You don't even need to isolate the girl if the 'bubble' you create is strong enough, just turn her away from her friends so she cannot see them. Bounce her around "lets get out!" "lets get to my friends!" "lets go to the dancefloor!". Another way to amplify the 'bubble' between the girl and you are roleplays. Approach other people in the club and tell them that she is your girlfriend
    • Getting Her To Invest. The more the girls invests in the interaction, the better. Just getting a girl to talk to you is not really investing on her part. You want to have emotional investment. For example when it goes really well you can say out of nothing "you can go if you want", then she has to qualify herself or asking her "whats my name?", etc. If you don't get girls to invest emotionally in the interaction you will get a lot of flakes. The more the girls invests and chases you, the more she will have an ego attachment to the outcome (getting you).
    • How To Proceed. First you open, then you hook (90/10 from your part) and then you start to vibe (getting her to invest back, 50/50). Now you need to make clear what your plans for the night are - number, sex ? For this you need to ask yourself:
    • What Are The Logistics? Ask her three important questions: "Who are you here with?", "What are you doing tomorrow?" and "Where do you live?". Of course don't ask all the questions in a row but don't waste too much time either.
    • What Time Of The Night Is It? Movie analogy: if you watch a movie you watch it till the end and don't leave early in the beginning. Similar with girls, if she arrived at 10pm in the club and you approach her at 10:05pm she will probably not leave the club with you immediately because that would be like skipping to the end of the movie. She wants to see the whole movie.
    • The First Two Hours. The first two hours should be all about you, switching from the more logicial zone into social mood. This is were you start to relax, get out of your head, have fun, stop micro managing, build momentum to the point were you never run out of things to say, are fully in the moment and were everything just clicks.
    • Build Leads. In the first two hours you should just focus on building leads. After you opened, hooked and vibed with a girl ask the three questions. In the first two hours you will very probably not pull anyway, so focus on getting phone numbers for later in the night and also for day2s. Use the time to get 'in the zone' to collect leads for later in the night. Tell her "we're hanging out later! I have to talk to my friends, you talk to your friends but we hang out later!" and after she agrees ask her again "What are we going to do?" until she says "We're hanging out later". Text her your name right there. If you do that in the first two hours you will collect around 10 numbers of girls who are all expecting you to text later. In case that she cannot hang out later, tell her "Let's have coffee tomorrow!". At the end of the night you can text all girls just "where are you"
    • There Should Always Be A Purpose Behind What You Do. Texting is not the way to game a girl, gaming is done in person, the text is just a bridge to see her again, minimize texting as much as possible. Begin with the simplest thing first and if it doesn't work then you can still get more complicated. Just text her "What are you doing tonight?" and she is free "Okay, cool lets hang out at place x", if she can't text her something funny back and ask what her plans are for tomorrow. If nothing works to set up a date, call her.
    • Date. Set up the date very close to your place, her place or close to a dark park or something, but it has to be near a place where you can fuck her. View a date like a new opened set. Always try to pull the girl to the sex location directly instead of getting a drink in the bar. "Are you adventurous? Check out my rooftop!". If she does not accept, that means not yet and you can try again after drinks. Later get in your room first ("get some drinks") and try to fuck her there. If she does not agree to this, it again means not yet. Grab the drinks and go to the rooftop (or whatever you want to show her) and try to fuck her there. If she does not agree to fuck there either, take her back to your room and try to fuck her there.
    • The Last Two Hours. After the first two hours of just pumping your own state and getting in the zone, you should commit more and have longer sets. Now go back to the girl that has the best potential for a SNL
    • Commit To A Set Plan to spend around 45-90mins on that set. Establish the logisitics to take her home, tell her about your "afterparty", she will probably come up with excuse why she cannot come home with you, find a solution to all her objections. Always have the Man-to-Woman vibe going on (ask yourself: if i were alone in a room with her would it make sense to me to fuck her right there or would it come across akward and surprising?)
    • Create A "Nothing To Lose" Type Of Situation Take the responsibility of the girl, lead her physically, find excuses to take her back to your place ("i want to show you some pictures on my laptop"). Lead her step to step closer to the sex location "lets get out", "lets take the cab", "lets go to my appartment just for excuse x". "Afterparty" means sex and the girl will never freak out if she finds out there is no party because everthing is sub-communicated right from the beginning

    "There is a fundamental difference between men and women. To ignore it means to suffer, to experience it means to love. To understand it means seduction."

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    Not a huge RSD fan but this is decent.