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It's Funny because It's True

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  • It's Funny because It's True

    Some of you guys have probably seen this already. I don't know. Something about the forum lately just reminded of this article about guys and hot chicks...

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    It's funny because she actually sounds like the most typical hot chick ever.


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      It is interesting how fiction is a much more effective medium for truth than reality...

      Maybe the message doesn't get lost in all the usual 'how does this information fit into my world-view' shit your brain usually sabotages you with.


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        And, of course, the antidote to dealing with crazy hot chicks:


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          The first article has to be about one of my early GFs when we were both 17. They missed the part where she kept telling me she had sex with older guys wouldn't do it with young guys, (AKA her own age.), because they didn't know what they were doing. I of course tried, you could teach me angle. No sale. If you are tall, thin, blonde, pretty, and 17 you can get away with a lot.
          The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae


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            Other evidence of Blake's psycho mental status includes a June 3 incident in which she stayed up until 4 a.m. curled up against senior Rob Pollian on his couch, telling him all her sexual fantasies, only to become enraged when he attempted to kiss her.
            This guy probably WBAFC.

            Why he no smell her neck first? Or give massage? Or POYC?

            Can't blame girl for friending this eunuch. That's like blaming a spider for shitting webs!


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              I used to find consolation in this one when the same thing would happen to me.