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More sarcastic Onion sexual humour

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  • More sarcastic Onion sexual humour

    For whatever reason, the Onion has recently become more sexually explicit than it's ever been before.

    Humour is very good for you because it mitigates or cures depression, is physically healthy for you, and it expands neural pathways! Sustained Emotional conditions alter neurochemistry, and it's been proven that positive conditions like Gratitude, Humour, Love - can objectively improve one's life on the outside. These positive states enhance creativity, joy, self confidence and resourcefulness (the skill of alchemy).

    Practically speaking, you can see the benefits of introducing the idea that fucking is desirable, normal and happens a lot for some people. Even though this is preposterous storytelling, it has two very positive things going for it:

    - Authority Principle. The brain is much more likely to adopt a belief when it's being installed by a believable person. People who speak and act in authority are by nature more believable. The acting is very good and in fact some of these "reporters" are actual, experienced reporters from major news networks.

    - wildly exaggerated truths. Good humour has a seed of truth in it. Are some athletes having sex? Of course they are! Now let's blow it all out of proportion in a funny and sarcastic way. This is a good formula for making people laugh. See above re the benefits of humour.

    Olympic Village was built for lots of fucking:

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    I love The Onion.

    The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae


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      There's also the Daily Mash. Here's a few SedFast relevant articles:


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        I saw that one, pretty funny.

        I think humour is good, because it lets you show someone the truth about themselves, but at the same time bypassing their ego so they don't get offended. A lot of humour is just "truth" masked as "not truth" so people don't take it seriously, and therefore get hurt about it. This is the purpose of satire. My old poli-sci prof used to live in Soviet Union, and said if people tried to criticize the government they'd get thrown in jail, the only way they were able to criticize the government is mask it in humour, this is purpose of satire.


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          Originally posted by JWS View Post
          For whatever reason, the Onion has recently become more sexually explicit than it's ever been before.
          Here's an old favorite: