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Should I be more reserved/ cold?

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  • Should I be more reserved/ cold?

    Beta AFC guys have been asking me out or trying to flirt with me even more than usual lately. I have no interest in them. But around my school and going out and extended social circles I have to be nice and friendly, I don't think I give these guys any indication that I like them in a sexual way, I'm just being me and friendly, and I've been given propositions out if the blue! What's worse is I've noticed these guys get moody and almost mean when I reject them! One guy I wasn't even flirting with and then later I told him I have a boyfriend and now he's super cold and distant almost to the point of ignoring me, it's ridiculous and just makes me think they're even more of a loser than I thought they were before.

    So should I be more reserved and less friendly? Should I wear a fucking wedding ring?