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When a toxic woman goes absolutely shit crazy and decides to destroy a man

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  • When a toxic woman goes absolutely shit crazy and decides to destroy a man

    Hey guys, wat up.
    I present to you the horrific tale that is the Benjamin Radford - Karen Stollznow case. You might have heard of it. It is part of a long running rift in the secular movement (atheists, agnostics, skeptics, rationalthinkers, sciencefans etc. - the kind of people who are outspoken against 911-truthers, anti-vaxxers and religious madness) between a leftist fraction called the SJW's (social justice warriors) which leans toward radical feminism at it's worst and everyone else (who according to the former are misogynists because the don't see tha patriarchy as an all-encompassing conspiracy).

    Disclaimer: I know sexual politics is now off-topic, but then ignore the battle between radfems and normal people, oh sorry.. misogystic swine, just read it as a cautionary tale of what a toxic woman is capable of. It is my opinion that what has happened here could happen (and happens) in any subculture, business or group, but this has happened in a subculture that is very much an online community, so it is deliciously open for all to read. This is happening everywhere these years, and as Blackdragon has said: it's going to get a lot worse before it get's any better.

    May I present the principle characters:

    Benjamin (Ben) Radford: Speaker and podcaster, paranormal investigator. This guy has my deepest sympathies. Not a goodlooking guy by any standards, but dude has some game and has for the most part behaved himself rather calmly faced with the shitstorm of false rape accusations and false harrasment accusations. Atm his life and career is in the ropes. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    Karen Stollznow: writer, podcaster and skeptic. And as the story will show a thoroughly toxic woman. Many persons describe her behaviour as BDP (I'd like to hear JWS's two cents on this). She is right now postergirl for female victimhood.

    Baxter: Karens husband and himself a semi celeb. I can't decide wether this guy is a pathetic beta cuckold or a normal guy caught in a bad marriage with an überbitch. As the story will show, he is probably also the victim of domestic violence in the hands of his cheating wife. The guy is still standing up for her despite that it is very clear that the false accusations were at least partly a ploy to explain away why she was in contact with her former lover. He describes his wife as being either "delusional or a huge liar".

    PZ Myers: what is the role of this leftist crackpot? That's a very good question: why does a midwest collegeprofessor get himself involved in other peoples relationship drama? Because this guy is the white knight to end all white knights. This is the mangina sith-lord and radfem ringleader. He was the one who named BR's name right after the Scientific American article that accused of sexual assault. And he is pouring the hate on daily.

    Rebbeca Watson: feminazi crackpot and the main star of the original rift between skeptics: elavatorgate.

    Then theres the cast of supporting roles:
    Richard Dawkins: world famous atheist. Accused of misogyny because he asked people to take it easy.
    Penn Gillette of Penn&Teller: same old accusations of being a male misogynist scumbag.
    and Many, many others. If NWP decides to put this up as Broadway musical there will be plenty of roles for everyone.


    Where does this story begin? Some will say the day Ben stuck his dick in crazy. Others will say the day he spoke out against radical feminism - dude had it coming.

    But the current legal battle began with this article, "I am tired of talking about sexual harrasment" where KS joined team professional victomhood, by making a variety of claims against BR, including obsessive stalking, sexual harassment, physical abuse, and sexual assault. This blog was soon taken down because of several errors and false statements. But the accusation was out there, and PZ Myers ran into the scene and named BR as the accused. A shitstorm of a witchhunt began under the premise of victims of sexual abuse would never lie. So poor old Ben was in the public eye guilty until proven innocent. He had been disciplined by his employer, he was not a goodlooking guy and she is a purdy womyn. So why couldn't he have harrassed and assaulted her? huh? men are pigs.

    BR tried repeatedly to resolve this issue privately and discretely, to the point where he through correspondence with her husband, wbafc Baxter, had negotiated a full retraction. The damage would still be done, but in a legal technical sense he would have cleared his reputation, and he could begin rebuildning his life and career. Right? Wrong. KS retracted her retraction before it had been notarized. Poor old Ben was back to where the story began half a year earlier, and was ultimately forced to file a lawsuit to clear his name. But he did have some dirt on KS thru his dealing with the chump Baxter. Turns out she has a history of making false accusations and a history of violent abuse against men.

    Read the whole saga on the various links I have provided. It is some really scary shit.

    In his effort to clear his name in the public opinion he made all his material of the case available for all to see. You can veiw it here on this thurough website set up with all the information. Read the site!

    The employers disciplining? Turns out it was based on falsified e-mails. So he is now suing for fraud as well.

    Right now there is a great divide between two groups:
    the radfems who say that a harrasers word should not be trusted,
    that victims of abuse never lie,
    that the patriarchy will support the priveledged white men at any cost, and
    that even though she went back to him asking for sex on numerous occasions, she was the victim of some sort of stockholm syndrome.
    (now that it seems that BR might have the upperhand in documenting the falseness of the accusations, there radical feminists who say: well, even if he is innocent of the original accusations, he has violated her privacy in his effort to clear her name. I. AM. NOT. KIDDING) Read comment #152

    And then theres the misogynistic dudebros who think that oldfashioned stuff like presumption of innoscense and looking at evidence and that sort of stuff isn't a total waste of time.

    A complete timeline can be found on this radfem blog. A good overview can be found on this blog.

    See also this article by BR about FRA

    Karen has a huge warchest of legal funds put together from people who are really tired of the patriarchy and want this priveledged asshole behind bars wether he is technically guilty in a misogynistic male sense, or wether he is guilty in a broader historical feminist sense.

    Want to support Ben Radford? Well, don't.AVfM has come out for him with moral support and maybe also financial. And it's been used against him seeing that MRA is the worst slur the feminazis can think of. The last thing he needs now is the public support from Pick-Up Artists. So let's all agree that we want nothing to do with him or his struggle. I anyone wants to donate to his legal fund do it quietly and discretely here. I repeat do not donate - this has nothing to do with gender issues. But if you want to do it anyway like I did... here's another link.