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Lonely guy gives up on women at the young age of 23. Don't be this guy.

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  • Lonely guy gives up on women at the young age of 23. Don't be this guy.

    This is just a short post about a young man I met recently through work and I thought I would share it with you all.

    I've been doing some work for a new firm recently and I met some young chap, only 23 years old.

    I had become friends with the young man's friend prior to this and this guy had let it slip that the 23 year old was getting depressed about the lack of women in his life.

    Apparently, during his entire life, he had had zero girlfriends or female action whatsoever. The furthest he had ever got, was once he went on a date but that didn't lead anywhere.

    When I met the 23 year old guy, it was during a night shift in a new building and he was showing me around the place. As the night progressed, we got chatting about many different topics and in the end I decided to subtley talk about dating and women.

    I am fully aware that I am still very inexperienced with 'game' but I know for a fact it has helped me to slowly but surely improve my success with women. I wanted to see if I could somehow help the guy.

    I also, know, however, that you should never talk about 'game' per se to someone unless they are clearly going to be receptive to the idea. As a result, I was just very subtle and vague about it.

    We got onto the subject of dating and women and I mentioned that I myself had been on a date recently and it failed hard! I told him that I was disappointed about it but that one should always keep cool and just look for new girls to date.

    That's when he told me that he 'doesn't understand women' and he'd 'given up trying.'

    Now, as mentioned before - the guy was 23, pretty good looking face, had a decent job and he had a pretty impressive, muscular physique. In theory, he was a perfectly good catch for a hot woman. I could understand his sadness. I'd been in his place many years ago.

    I could see the dismay and frustration in his eyes when he briefly talked about dating and relationships.

    He was talking about how he had tried to meet women through friends and other places but that he had never had any success. He said he didn't really like bars and night clubs. He said he was a traditional, quiet, shy, guy looking for a traditional type girl.

    He said that he had given up on women but maybe at the most, he would go out to the countryside one day and try and find a nice girl who lives out there. "They're more conservative out there and the girls know how to behave."

    I quietly nodded in sympathetic agreement but inside, I didn't really agree with him.

    Yes, it's true, it MAY POSSIBLY be a little easier to find a nice, conservative girl in a rural area somewhere. You MIGHT also meet a hot, young babe in the church, if you're lucky.

    The sad truth, however, is that this is mostly just wishful thinking. The last, dying hope and wish of a sad, lonely AFC. Much how I used to think many years ago when I was a lonely, introverted AFC. I was brought up 'blue pilled' so to speak, believing that I would one day, just carry on, happily being myself and then I would magically one day meet 'the one.'

    The brutal truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as the nice, innocent HB10 who you're going to just magically 'bump into one day.' Of course, there is always a POSSIBILITY but chances are that you will never just happen to stumble upon the perfect, innocent, virgin girl of your dreams 'out in the sticks.'

    Pretty much all hot girls these days are hit on constantly no matter where they live. Even if this guy finds his 'dream girl,' she may seem like a nice, innocent virgin but chances us she's been pounded into oblivion by a 'natural alpha' or two and then generally, she will be just as hard to game as all the other HB10's.

    Furthermore, unless you're a 'natural' or you have learnt some decent 'relationship management skills,' chances are you will struggle to keep a HB like that. Or, you might keep her but you'll be slowly but surely betaised in an unhappy, long LTR.

    I don't want to sound overly dramatic and cynical but that's often how it goes.

    I tried to give the guy a bit of a 'pep talk' without really mentioning 'game' but I could see the guy was not interested in anything related to dating or attraction. He clearly didn't want to even remotely entertain the possibility that 'dating and attraction' is something that men can work on and use to improve themselves.

    He didn't want to believe that attraction is partly a 'skill set' and set of beliefs that you can use to improve your abilities with women.

    Nope. Many guys can't even begin to get that concept into their heads. It's almost like this thought goes through their heads: 'What... I can't just be myself and find a girl who loves me for who I am? Outrageous!'

    Anyway, so as we were talking, he made it quite clear that he had just given up on women and I sensed that he would not be receptive to any advice. I didn't push the matter any further and I let him be.

    For me personally, it's just sad to see a guy at such a young age, just completely giving up on women. "These days they're all sluts. I'm not interested anymore." He said. *sigh*

    Nevertheless, the only plus side is that at least for myself I am starting to learn how dating really works.

    One must either be a 'natural,' or learn some 'game' and approach women (obviously looking good with a good fashion sense also helps a lot).

    One must always seek to improve oneself into a confident, high value man who is always working on his own personal life mission (cheers Blackdragon for that bit!). This is the only sure-fire way to victory in dating and seduction and not to mention overall happiness and self-respect to boot.

    Never become this guy! Cheers.