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ASF Norway has left the building

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  • ASF Norway has left the building

    For a long time ASF Norway was the bastion of the Norwegian pickup community. In its heyday it was the go-to forum, and it spawned a number of professional companies and other forums. It was also internationally renowned trough the recommendation to it on old mASF, and every now and then international players would drop by to get info on the hottest clubs and venues in Oslo and Norway.

    Since about 2013-14 it has been slowly dying - maybe even earlier. It was a damn good time. Lots of pissing contests, the struggle for moderators to keep it all together (and at some points to keep it independent), lots of great lay reports and great posts about methods. It's all gone now. When hit the URL, you get a video of dolphins with the caption: "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish". It's a fitting farewell (though I'd love to have my archive).

    In between there have a couple of others. Not sure if I remember their names. PU Norway and PUA Norway (funny how they all cram "Norway" in there). They were all bought by Gode Vibber (Eng.: Good Vibes), the largest and possibly the best PU company in Norway (well, technically it was their internet holding company, but who gives a damn), and then they were left for dead - not unlike the fait of mASF. Soon spammers took over, and then they were closed, one by one. ASF Norway was the last independent forum. And now it's gone too.

    In any case… Thank you ASF Norway! Thanks for all the fish. It has been a pleasure.

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    we are a dying breed