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    2 things. First, a big thanks to the person who made me look into Evernote. It has a very appealing 'tree structure' that notes are stored in! My main gripe with most types of notes, is that they also let you 'write & forget' very easily, if notes are not arranged in a very good way... I feel google docs is very lacking in this regard - it has such a rich mix of 'platforms' and 'access points' that the OVERVIEW is very easily lost..

    Im trying to find a fix for this in the google doc system, but not sure if doable

    - - -

    2ndly.. a de-rail and a bit of a rant.. I very much dislike what 'average journalists' do. That is; the way they try to turn actual information into something 'more' ('headline') than it was to begin with. Especially in regard to Science about health, this has a horrible negative effect; Either in the report itself[1], or in the media afterwards[2], the possibility of co-founding factors gets removed from the 'story'...

    I can not even begin to express how much this has distorted the commonly held/accepted idea of how foods affect health.. and the horrible HORRIBLE effects it has created for human health in the world today.

    My examples are on coffee and mortality, because it makes the logical flaw so obvious:
    -mortally ill people are often bed-ridden or in pain.
    -consequently, they are less 'up and about'. Hence less likely to frequent coffee shops, pass by coffee machines, or even brew their own coffee.
    So it should come as little surprise, that mortality rate is 16% lower for an elderly drinking 4 cups a day, compared to one who drinks zero...

    (My 3rd link is a report where research team admirably try to note the problem[3], but to no avail, as journalists chasing headlines will completely disregard such notes.)



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      Youtube Research

      I hate the YT UI! I hate the clunky way you define searches, and the horrible way results are listed. I hate that search results are intentionally fuzzy, in an attempt to make you watch endlessly, like a little hamster running in a wheel. I hate the way they pollute results with "recommended for you" results about things you havent had interest in for years...

      For MONTHS Ive been trying to find better ways to search youtube. Especially, a way to extract a complete list of videos from a channel. And yesterday I struck GOLD:

      The table it produces has all the vids in a format that pastes nicely into google sheets, where I can do conditional filtering for what Im looking for.
      Output example:
      91 Turn Google Sheets into a Bookmark/Citation Tool NKpaKwn_u78 0:02:12
      152 Guide to the New Google Sheets huXYFUKljqY 0:04:28
      300 How to Split Text into Columns in Google Sheets kRuhRCxVJcU 0:02:01
      397 ImportHTML and Filter Views in Google Sheets f8M99DA_LQg 0:02:30
      (There are options to add more data like views, likes etc.)


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        I find learning from someone who you actually like makes learning easier. We tend to like people similar to us. eg) similar iq level / background etc. and I think this has to do with why.