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  • Regarding This Forum - Please Read

    These forums have been up for a few months now. In the beginning, it was exciting and fun. It still is! But that was the honeymoon phase, and now that “fun exciting” phase is ending. Now the work begins as we all move into the next phase of growth here.

    This has been demonstrated over the last three weeks or so where we’ve run into some bumps in the road. Nothing catastrophic, just bumps. Frankly, all of them were bumps I expected. And we aren’t done having a few more “bumps” here before the day is done.

    Anyone who says anything on the internet about any topic who gets attention is always going to have a percentage of people who are going to get extremely upset at what that person says. You could make a web site called “Blue Sky”, and talk all day about how the sky is blue, and if you got enough attention, a percentage of readers would get extremely upset with your position and lash out. It’s going to happen no matter what. It’s the nature of the internet, and frankly, it’s part of its strength.

    Vigorous, sharp debate is good. Attacks are not. We have done a very good job here in the Posting Rules of explaining the specific difference between those two things.

    Faster Seduction is now at the point where it has gone from an experimental idea to a real forum with real activity and real vibrancy. This is a good thing, but the bad news is we’re going to now encounter some occasional bumps along the way. It's normal and to be expected.

    This post here is my effort to be as clear as possible about what this forum is, where it’s going, and where YOU are involved.

    Regarding these forums here at Faster Seduction:

    1. Every type of game is welcome here. Club game, daygame, social circle game, online game, speed dating, you name it, it’s welcome here (as long as the proponents don’t spam or troll).

    2. Every person, newbie or guru, is welcome to post here (as long as they don’t spam or troll).

    3. Every type of relationship is welcome here. Monogamy, polyamory, swinging, traditional marriage, you name it, it’s welcome here (as long as the proponents don’t spam or troll).

    4. Women are allowed to post here at the moment, but frankly we’ve had so much trouble with this we’re close to reconsidering that. If you are a female poster, please review the Posting Rules, make sure you fully understand them, and be on your best behavior. This is a forum for men. You are here at our sufferance.

    5. One of the eventual goals here is to make money, via selling advertising and a few other things, primarily to offset the costs in both money and time of running a forum. None of us expect to get rich off this forum, but if for some strange reason we did, that would be awesome and it would make us very happy. When we sell advertising, we will sell to anyone or any company as long as they’re PUA related, regardless of who they are or what style of game they focus on. We are guru-neutral and style-neutral here, and always will be.

    6. We will never send spam to your email account.

    7. We will never charge you access to this forum. This forum will always be free for you and everyone else.

    8. I am not in charge here. Silvertree is. Believe me, that’s the way you want it. He’s much nicer and more objective than I am.

    9. The management and moderators here are human beings. That means mistakes will occasionally be made. Not often, but occasionally. We will address these mistakes as fast as possible if/when they arise.

    10. If you have any specific suggestions on how to make this forum a better place, please post them in the suggestions forum. These suggestions are always read and always considered.

    11. If you have a complaint, email/PM Silvertree or a moderator. If it’s valid it will be addressed and addressed quickly.

    12. If you have a problem with any item on this list that you just can't accept, please delete your account immediately and stop posting here. If you dislike this forum, we don’t want you here. Please go somewhere else. No one is making you post here. No one is making you read posts here. The internet is a big place. If you dislike this forum, you are more than welcome to bash this forum or its individuals on other sites, but not here. This is a place where men assist other men, not a place where men bash other men. We get enough of that from women and society already. We don’t need you adding to the problem, thank you, goodbye, and good luck. I'm being completely up-front with you about who we are and our intentions, and I am openly giving you the opportunity to bow out gracefully right now. There will be no hard feelings whatsoever (at least from me) if you decide Faster Seduction is not the place for you. I mean that.

    13. If you don’t like Silvertree, please refer to item 12 above.

    14. If you disagree with my opinions regarding online game, monogamy, older women, or any other topic specifically related to seduction or relationships, and would like to have a rational debate on any of these topics, bring it on, I’m ready to rock. However if you just don’t like me, or my communication style, or my political opinions, or the way I run my business affairs, or if you flat out hate online game (or any other type of game for that matter) and just can’t control your trolling urges because of these things, please refer to item 12 above.

    15. If you have an issue with any of the moderators here, email/PM Silvertree. If your complaint is rational and easily provable, it will be addressed. If you just don’t like one of them personally, please refer to item 12 above.

    That’s it! I don't know how much more clear I can be. Silvertree, the mods and I appreciate all of your efforts and contributions here. None of us are perfect, but we all want this place to work. If you’re patient with us, we’ll be patient with you. If you can’t be patient with us, there's always that item 12 above.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Every once in a while when the forum starts getting on my nerves or disrespecting me, I will soft next it. I then come back weeks later as if nothing happened. This has been keeping my relationship with the forum strong for the last 3 years or so.


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      Originally posted by Newman301 View Post
      Every once in a while when the forum starts getting on my nerves or disrespecting me, I will soft next it. I then come back weeks later as if nothing happened. This has been keeping my relationship with the forum strong for the last 3 years or so.