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Roosh v forum? Bullshit or what?

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    Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
    Never seen that one man, so cant comment

    Btw, for the roosh V forum, the good thing they have is their city data sheet - really useful IMO because then you get a good idea of what cities/towns/countries are cool
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      lol i like /r/sex even better :')


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        Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
        As someone who deep down has a dislike for forum'ing, I never checked out any other forums.
        So while on subject, what are thoughts on other pu forums?
        They're all a lot like this one.
        You have to dig deep to find something useful.
        Same issues exist. Trolls, know-it-alls, too-good-to-be trues, sphinxes who only reply in riddles, guys that write long blocks of text. Very little agreement on basic terms.

        A forum is only as good as it's top 10% of posters.



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          Roosh's travel forum can't be beat. It's got a plethora of info on SA, EE, SEA plus cities all over the world. The downside is the "frame" there is manosphere alpha. There are some egos to deal with. And certain posters feel like they own threads/places.

          I went on a roosh thread about Osaka and made what I thought was a straightforward post sharing my method for banging multiple 6-8s a week. I got hit with a ton of criticism, disbelief, and a 3-day ban. Meanwhile the thread was essentially an entire years worth of garbage from a guy who got laid a few times after studying there an entire year. Wasn't like I claimed to bang models or anything ridiculous either.

          Threads on roosh seem to read like the top posters are jacked, suited up, monies. If so they probably get away with a lot more stuff than your typical pua. I've spent at least a hundred hours reading entire threads there. Most guys who get laid there are willing to party all night with table service in medium to high end venues. The pattern is go on vacation, drop thousands on flight, pimp pad, pipeline mediocre girls, do daygame, nightgame, drunk sex at 3am+, blackout drunk often not remembering much.

          A lot of guys in SEA are actually banging prostitutes who charge them half the time. They're not hiding this. It's called shoring. But personally I find those girls mediocre and gross that they take more Dick than a urinal. Still a lot of guys there seem to be proper players with good game. They live abroad and have harems. But pretty much every post I read I draw same conclusion. That style of game (really lifestyle) is not for me. But there's still a lot of good info. Not everyone there is doing the binge drinking game.

          There's an undercurrent of shooting for quality but it's not the main thing. One epic thread I just finished had a guy banging everything from lots of prostitutes to a couple high society chicks. He claimed to bang 96 women in 5 months but saw little to nothing culturally. Was forced to sleep most days. Got blackmailed, robbed, lost his phone 6 times and had to buy new ones.

          I was in Osaka for 3 months. I banged 16 6-8s plus weekends for a gf from Tokyo visiting. But I saw every attraction in kansai (Osaka, kobe, Kyoto, etc). By the end I was making day trips to Nagoya wakayama Mie etc to find new shit to do. Barely drank. No drugs. Had regular girls on rotation. Never paid for a girl. Had them pay for me sometimes. They'd call me a pussy over there for that. Or like when I posted about how repulsive cambodia was bc every 7+ is a hooker I was told by two different people that I'm the one with the problem.
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