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    Originally posted by Impulse View Post
    There's no problem...just a few guys are getting emotionally worked up by some of the things I pretty sure its because of the exercises im doing....making me come across a certain way that triggers peoples emotions through text, nothing more

    But...I agree its better to post a little less here if it will work people up the wrong way

    Im also sizing up to people who are talking kj and they got offended
    A few guys?

    Mostly its me
    Cuz you are being SO MUCH of a dick to everyone else, I'm letting you have it

    Other guys are just relieved I'm not letting you off while you go off spouting nonsense


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      Originally posted by Impulse View Post
      Lol, its all in your head dude!

      Your too attached to what your reading in text.... that you're not able to see that you're reacting to your own thoughts

      Which tells me there's something in your own subconscious programs that's being amplified

      But oh well...say what you will....


      This is actually a brilliant lesson on how the imagination and mind works, but I think its way too deep for this type of forum

      Maybe some other time
      Meanwhile I feel there is something totally wrong in telling someone how their psychology works. Or Giving feedback on a psychological lvl.
      Discussing on this lvl is 100 % imagination. You dont know anything abouth how for example cosy's mind is working.

      It is one thing to tell someone how he makes you feel. Another thing is to telling them what they do wrong in their mind that they feel this way.


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        Originally posted by Impulse View Post
        Nice post, its totally wrong though and misleading.
        No it's not. I've seen this situation often enough in real life conflicts.
        When people start to arguing like "man it's your psychology that's the problem. Do some eft and tre."

        That's just a mean way to pass the buck to another one.


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          You know, its weird

          Your third last post, utter gobblety gook, trying to get across a certain message (which I did pick up on)
          Second last post confirmed for me what you were trying to say.
          Last post tells me, why you think you "know" my psychology

          So I'll state this in three steps
          a) I do appreciate the message of those three things... kind of
          b) I realise it took you quite a while to get even close to that concept, starting from just plain old defensiveness
          c) its better, but you are falling back on old defensive stuff to state you know my whole way of being, and you don't, you get a lil biddy bit though (credit for that bit)

          Look, to assume the breadth of any person exists in the narrow confines of what we see socially is meh,
          Which I'm sure you agree with,

          But, all you are doing is using that strength to try to force others to omit your weakness
          Stop trying to omit your weakness,
          You are just bottling up your shame behind prideful bs

          Trying to create villains where there are none
          First with everyone in pua, then me, now in this op with girls

          Don't create villains,
          Don't rationalise your beliefs based on god, (field experience, not feelings, not working with psychology, those are flimsy and not reliable)

          You are saying boohoo, it doesnt work in field,
          What doesn't???
          And what do you consider "working"

          Personally if you were more considerate, and it SHOWED, then yes, it would WORK
          It would be doing its job!
          You have to finish one step before you can get to another, you have to get comfortable in that step before you move to another,
          If the step bores you, thats just narcissism, because you want validation above all else

          In fact this whole thing is some kind of narcissistic meltdown

          I'm just the dude who is fearless enough of your weird warping bullshit

          Man, I even heard your point through alll this trite shit
          Do you even know what that is like?

          I assume NOT cuz all you want is fandom
          Talking heads
          People with no spine

          In short you are a iddy biddy chicken
          How come you can't just face your weakness?
          Why are you throwing it on EVERYONE ELSE but yourself?