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Are 'vibes' actionable/doable/practical?

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    Originally posted by COCPORN View Post
    There is a very simple way to test this. Create a fake Tinder profile using my picture (or any supermodel, really), match with the same girl and say the same things.
    I want to try this!


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      -yeah but what exactly is a 'feeling'.. and how does that differ from 'impression' etc.. (also note, when term was initially picked, it was only in urban dictionary, with a variety of descriptions..)
      -yeah actors can DO it for sure. But how doable is it for normal people who only read a description? And how will they get it 'right' for the sake of PU?

      -nice! so rather than 'blank', it should be more like 'open (to influence)'..
      -ah I agree - sticky resentments is stopping many. Ive even seen very physically attractive guys hitting this wall, completely preventing girls from being drawn to them.
      -I like the notion of not 'pushing' your vibes on others. It is the 'mutual growth' phenomenon, that creates the 'magic'..

      -why tinder as example (the one place where vibes dont matter)
      -Vibing to cover up resentments etc, will certainly burn you out over time!
      -Good point regarding 'teaching confidence' being nonsense. Lets make sure we dont go that route with vibes.


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        Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
        -nice! so rather than 'blank', it should be more like 'open (to influence)'..
        Well... "open to influence" is a hornets nest, ripe for the worst kind of misinterpretation
        Cuz people think "I feel shit, and you are telling me to open up?"
        That would lead to total confusion

        Which leads back to my first post where I said, you can over think this and get in the weeds
        I personally don't want guys over thinking vibes, or tension, or sensuality. cuz there are a million ways to get it wrong
        "oh I act all schmoozy" "oh I act sharp and rigidly hold" "oh I ignore her frame"

        And to all that I say the same thing, don't use a term if it doesn't work for you
        Don't force stupid shit

        Back in the day people used to bow to mystery
        DON'T BOW

        Its human nature to want others to give you the golden ticket to willy wonkers chocolate factory
        But its not going to happen like that
        The sooner you get that out of a guys head, the better

        Show him HE is responsible, that there is no "pua protective veil"
        Let him be scared

        I remember physically shaking, getting all pastey white, paralysed and wanting to vomit
        They don't need to feel wrong for being on the cusp of that same place
        They need to be SOBER like I was when daring to go into the breach

        That authentic, ass on the line, omg I'm gonna die, was WHY I did seduction in the first place
        Cuz I was a warrior, ready to put my ASS on the line, to freak out, get scared and doubt myself to the point I wanted to crawl up into a lil ball
        Thats the risk you take, thats why I give a man his due respect for his balls,
        Thats why I laugh with a guys pain,

        Cuz we are all in the trenches, and SO ARE GIRLS (but I only learnt how much later)

        So I start with respect, cuz, if you can't do that, how are you going to then be authentic and in the moment with anyone?
        And vibing is like that, plus, throwing it off and having a laugh

        Its not craaaaaazy complex, and eeeeveryone vibes to some degree, so you just slooooow down, not get all panicky, and you make a start on it
        I mean thats how I started
        Why tell guys to do it any different than what go me there

        Sure we might not always SHARE that side of it, but its there, and these guys here are clever than anyone gives em credit, they know its there, its just up to them to find it within themselves to accept that, and let go of lingering bitterness and confusion, as and when it feels right

        But thats the hard part
        When do you risk it?

        I dunno, hard to say
        The windows we get to do so are often small, confusing and close up quickly, so I say, have your wits about you, be spry footed, and do it low key, then maaaaaybe you pull it off
        And if you do, daaaayum
        Enjoy :P

        Its all part of it
        If it wasn't hard, it wouldn't be so important to get it right


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          -Thanks for the elaboration, and apologies for my tendency to jam things into a single sentence (or single word)!
          -Yea I started with very 'trench' expectations. Everyone should. Better to let it be surprisingly easy, than other way around.
          -Yea female PU seems fiercely trenchy compared to male PU.

          -I saw a lovely vibe in public transport today.
          -Just as I stretched in my seat (like a cat), girl sitting opposite had me thinking she looked amused, but her face/facade did not change at all...
          -Im guessing it was all in the eyes.
          -Oh and she looked very pretty at this point!
          -Im thinking that this 'blank canvas' type vibing can be of the great quality, compared to using strong expressions.


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            Ok how about this

            Beginner: Simple what not to do and challenging their perception
            Intermediate: Activity, critical experimentation
            Advanced: Vibe and outlook

            The only problem with such a system is there is no way to get from one stage to the other
            So you learn all the typical pitfalls of guys, then you face anxiety that gets you stuck kjing and thrashing about or generally worrying about appearance of success
            You magically get past that to be healthily active, and capable of using your eye properly to critically experiment, but most of this doesn't get you laid so you trip balls and get concerned about their being something wrong with you, bad looks, bitterness at the girl, yadda yadda yadda
            Lets say you then magically get past that and get into vibes and get laid, often your outlook is then unclear leading to most guys repeating on a loop previous insecurities

            Its those in between parts that we really don't have answers on. How to go from A to B to C, and most of that is cuz, you can't teach a guy to fully engage himself, but also, information is a bit thin, Though it is thin by nature, cuz there really is no natural way to teach the in between parts.

            Why can't they satisfy the transitions?
            My studies on it, took me into physiology, and I believe it has to do with enzymes
            Just so guys know wtf I'm talking about, enzymes speed up chemical reactions in the body, without them the process is slow
            So, basically if your enzymes aren't in the right role or passive, the chemical reactions triggering certain energies and clearing away certain waste products are slow
            This forces a guy to try to PRETEND to make his process faster, but it only serves to increase his volume, or make them hyper, and then waste products build up making the guy feel ill and pissed off.

            Now, how to enzymes get better engaged?
            Well, it depends on two systems imo
            The nervous system and the blood (and possibly lymph)

            The parasympathetic nervous system needs to activate in order to get certain enzyme processes working
            It is experienced as a "slow" feeling, but counter intuitively it speeds certain chemical reactions up that help all sorts of things,
            This is why, mentions of food, pausing and drawing out moments, etc can have a decent benifit, also excercise can help make it work better

            Now this won't work entirely properly unless the blood cooperates, and by triangulation my best guess is the liver (this part is pseudo science where the above is solid)
            I believe the liver leads the way to how the brain experiences certain chemical stimuluses, so for example it inriches the blood then the brain sees moredetails in the environment, if it desaturates the blood you get a very "stinging" and rigid thought process, cuz the blood is a resource for the brains activity, and its chemical processes.
            So it can create drag, or can give you a nurishing push, at the "gut" level.

            I believe this is the biology behind it.
            And we have no idea the connection of the mind, certain approaches to things, to stimulating these processes.
            Though thats not the only problem, as we don't really know how they then relate to long term skill retention.
            It seems however that it really does take a long time of active practice and progress to have these processes become effective long term.

            There is a biological component to progress that can't really just be "magically" waved off.
            And while that is going on, human nature tends to make people snippy, cuz, failing sucks and just the thought of it grates on a person.
            So its not really accurate imo for anyone to chastize, as progress on the biological level operates on its own timescale.
            Though, heavy reaction and impatience, really does seem to inhibit biological progress, so there is some case for selectively pushing a person to reduce that and be more accountable, but, eh...
            It tends to fuel reactions just as much as anything else unless the guy himself is authentic enough already, then it can help.

            I dunno, its good to be aware it has limits to shove people.
            A friend of mine calls it giving a guy enough space to develop his "inner compass"
            For example, an actor being pushed by a director too hard will have no ability to use their inner compass to add depth to a character they play, so it'll come across much more forced and rigid

            I think this is where the community comes in as both a help and a hinderance
            If you are relaxed, you can come here and develop that sense of things at a nice pace and be involved,
            But if you get too much conflict, you get pressure, and yeah give forced rigid performances, so need to take a break, "chill out", and try not to villify people (or you shut off the ability to find your compass) but also, if you believe people too much, get all fanboy too much, you can also lose touch with YOUR inner compass, and withh its loss your motivation gets stale and your vibe will be off, hence why a hiatus now and then for people can be a good thing.

            In my experience learning all kinds of stuff, I find the fastest route to learning is to only very lightly learn the subject at first and skim through things, and slowly foster more creative thought on it, until it fits into your everyday thoughts (but doesnt overtake everything too much), to then be ambitious in action, rather than in "needs". The more I've softened up my learning process that way, the faster I learn.
            For example, just recently I learned a lot about chess
            I didn't do this intentionally, its just that I thought on it lightly because I write a book about a character who plays, and it stirred up a lot of creativity and progress came fast.
            Before that, poker,
            Before that spanish
            Before that physiology
            Before that writing, etc etc etc

            The more I get used to it the faster I seem to learn. Cuz brute force learning really has its place, but you also need perspective to help it develop in a balanced way too.

            My transition in chess btw, took me from intermediate to advanced, going from critical thinking on strategy to just seeing themes and feeling vibes of certain formations and changing my outlook to suit. Before that I was of course just uncomfortable and couldnt even critically think. The stages are always the same but progress always comes differently due to your own specific relationship to the new skill.


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              Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
              I totally forget about the 'dark side' Cosy talks about in his reply... And it too underlines some of the weaknesses in the actionability of vibes. Simple example: Creepy is a vibe! (and it can come, even if you tried to vibe something nice).

              What glow says is very nice, that we should not lose hope - not box our self in, just because it is hard to make vibes actionable in an easy way right now. Im sure people who are enthusiastic will not give up, even if majority of people will still critique them for talking about something seemingly impossible/undoable..

              "Cosy talks a lot about trances and how new realities manifest as a consequence." -Corvette, Nov.17, 2008.

              Before Cosy, there was very little direct talk about vibes:
              -2002 GWM
              -2003 Cute Emulation
              -2004 'Alphaness'. 'Disinterest'. 'State control'. 'Frame control'.
              -2006 Actual term 'vibe' was probably suggested by me.

              Bonus content - Cosy on Immersion (lovely subject):
              This opens my eyes to how little I understand of terms that have been discussed and narrowly defined before I discovered mASF in 2010. My apologies if sometime I seem clueless and that I don't know what I'm talking about. It's because in someways I am. And I don't.
              Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
              -Im thinking that this 'blank canvas' type vibing can be of the great quality, compared to using strong expressions.
              I'm trying to understand this. Blank canvas has worked for me as in offering a sounding board and dreamy eye contact surrounded by a serene faccial expression. The girls could gaze deeply in my (empty) soul and populate it with whatever emotion they needed to. This did get me laid. It's creepy as hell to me now, but it did get me laid in the past. Moreover, I had the sense that sometimes the girls knew that I'm not providing any substance, and that they not only didn't mind it but they preferred it that way. Visual aids: Masters of the Blank Canvas
              071015-omar-sharif.jpg richard-gere-hd-3-740091.jpgbf91004837e051cc9f299d1f51f914e4.jpg
              Blinking is the height of their emotional communication. (Ugh!) These guys have made a career out of staring in the camera and providing a blank canvas on which (mostly female) audiences could paint whatever emotions they wanted.
              If that is what you mean by blank canvas vibe than yes, it is actionable, easy, and will give results (i.e. sex). It's also not very satisfying other than PIV. I can't bring myself to go back to that. How do I balance that "0" with exploring my own emotional life? And hers? Possibly "our" eccentricity (essence?)... These days I aim for a "vibe" that's more alive. Something like:
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                Originally posted by thecostofsuccess View Post
                Its those in between parts that we really don't have answers on. How to go from A to B to C, and most of that is cuz, you can't teach a guy to fully engage himself, but also, information is a bit thin, Though it is thin by nature, cuz there really is no natural way to teach the in between parts.
                I'm chewing on this. It resonates.^^^

                Also "... brute force learning really has it's place..." Yeah: youth. I noticed that about learning (and tools too). Experience enables a lighter, more efficient touch. Some good things do come with older age.


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                  "What is your "core vibration"? It is the sum total of your mood, emotion, thought, desire, and belief right now. That's big!"



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                    Interesting takes. The ones I like are the bolded 3-5, and the unbolded 4.
                    There is still the challenge of transfer to another via forum. This is where movie/TV characters can be incredibly useful imo

                    Realized something really exciting the other day...
                    -When a human sees something amusing and is about to talk to someone random about it, they have a particular vibe!
                    -Ive seen a guy who does this vibe so well, and pretty much non-stop.
                    -I desire a good word for this type of vibe. (but Im certain there are none)
                    -I want to talk more closely about this particular vibe in the near future //NOTE TO SELF!

                    Edit - forgot to mention, there may be a single vibe in the 'confidence' vibe-cluster thus should be fragile, but actually is rock solid (at least for me). I think they call it smug'ness in uk? (Its not the easiest to summon, admittedly.. so maybe only for those talented or heavily trained in acting... I'll find youtube example when Im ready to make a thread about it.) //NOTE TO SELF!


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                      Impulse, I was referring to the the challenge associated with explaining (with words) some vibe that you are using to get laid, in a way that makes it possible for the reader to get the correct picture. This is where referring to a movie could help.

                      Your breakdown has some truth to it, but maybe overly categorical? (Many roads that lead to Rome, right?) I appreciate the enthusiasm though

                      Edit - self help guru society has their own version of the "vibing ftw" concept. I will be borrowing some small parts from it, if I ever make a road map. (Because even if full of rip off bloated concepts, self help gurus often base their web of redundant BS, on core truths that are really strong..)
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                        I didnt read the holy thread again.I did it a few days ago.
                        But I have an input here:

                        I believe that vibes are only understandable, if you not only know about the fact that you communicate with more than words.
                        Instead to understand vibes you have to beliefe into, live and practice communication without words.

                        As an IT and logical guy I always had the meaning that everything that is not spoken is at least doublable. That made me freaking out in situation where I subconioucsly knew there is something wrong but people tell me everything is okay. But I knew there wasnt everything ok.

                        It's ok that they dont want to talk about. But it's not okay that I question my perception because of it. This lead me to the conclusion that I trust more on what I see and feel. By practicing it I got aware that it is also true for me and that I dont need to talk about everything and can express myself more via bodylanguage. And playing with my own bodylanguage to communicate brought me to what I believe is the beginning of understanding vibes.


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                          I think the 'do-ability' of vibes has been demonstrated sufficiently, for us to not worry overly when posting on such matter. As a simple breakdown of it:
                          -Vibes are always. (As long as a human is there, that 'radio channel' is never fully quiet. Tuning in, will always reveal SOMETHING.)
                          -Vibes are fluid and ever-changing. (unless deeply asleep, or extreme effort to remain frozen)
                          -The art/skill in terms of vibing, is the ability to willfully control that change. The ability to set a current state of mind to the side, and willfully step into different mentality.
                          -Degree of familiarity with a particular vibe, dictates how easy or hard it is to take on such a vibe.

                          So for writing/posting, lack of familiarity is the barrier that needs to be overcome. Good/accessible examples (like film/tv), can help.

                          On a personal level, freedom to set one state of mind to the side for a time, and willfully express a different mentality uninhibited, is what training should emphasize.