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Walking briskly makes me more alert and quick-witted

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  • Walking briskly makes me more alert and quick-witted

    I am normally an extremely fast walker, now speeding up again after a period of knee injury. Today walking, I was struck by a realization:
    -Walking slow makes me sluggish.
    -Walking briskly makes me more quick-witted and overall agile.
    -Suspecting its the same with all things.
    -I always loved doing things really fast, so maybe this is why.
    -Im suspecting a wide array of ramifications.

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    On the other hand I find I am more sexual when I slow down.

    I get similar results as you from doing things decisively - either I perform an action fully or not at all. You can start with small things like holding a bag firmly with your fist instead of letting it dance on your fingertips. Then let that decisiveness spread into everything you do.

    This does not mean you need to be confident, it is more about being okay with sometimes messing things up. That way you get less decision fatigue, become more relaxed and can think more clearly, which funnily leads to messing less things up.


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      I think each has its own merits lol

      For me it depends a lot on the goals i have.


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        Agree, actually Ive been thinking since I posted this..
        -People I know who are more naturals, have this tendency to gallivant to the point where its pretty hard getting from A to B when with them.
        -And its not just girls. They stop/stray for the dumbest reasons. Even just to say something.
        -I wonder if this behavior has something to do with #4


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          Probably not limited to walking.
          -Its probably anything done in a 'spirited' way.
          -And by spirited I mean zestful[1] (see link for more words).
          -And not necessarily about strength or speed, rather anything you choose.
          -And the wit is not limited to reacting. It also helps in understanding and creatively 'seeing the light'..
          -As such, the greatest blessing could be things that need doing.