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  • Share your craziest sex in public stories

    I've never had sex in public. It's actually one thing that I want to do shortly. Closest thing I've done was receive a bj while driving.
    I was wondering

    a) what do you do when you can't go to yours or her place in the daytime
    b) what are your craziest sex in public (or strange locations) stories?

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    Originally posted by naturally View Post
    I've never had sex in public. It's actually one thing that I want to do shortly. Closest thing I've done was receive a bj while driving.
    I was wondering

    a) what do you do when you can't go to yours or her place in the daytime
    b) what are your craziest sex in public (or strange locations) stories? the top of my head...

    I once had sex in a porta potty at the lake. Thankfully it was a newish one and not all dirty and gross and stinky lol and he made sure I didn't have to touch ANYTHING. We were at the lake with friends and I guess couldn't wait to go anyplace else and he pulled me in there.

    Had sex in a public sauna, and once in a hot tub while we were sitting there talking to some old man (I was sitting on the guy's lap).

    In the bathroom at Subway, in both the men's and women's restrooms of a hotel lobby (I remember having to jump up and stand on the toilet when some guy walked into the men's so he wouldn't see I was in there).

    Had MFM threesome on a picnic table at the park (at night) and once we pulled off on the side of the road in some neighborhood where there was sort of a hill and no house right there in the grass (again after dark) and once we snuck into a neighborhood swimming pool at night (climbed the fence) and had another threesome there. Also had them in the car while other people were driving (with the backseat laid down). Oh and in a hotel room bathtub while there was a party going on in the room....

    Lots of car sex.

    My guy that I have been seeing for the past few years and I once had sex up against his parked car in a parking lot, right after being bugged and followed by a policeman somewhere else

    Once had sex on a cold winter's night right outside my grandmother's bedroom window in the snow. We were wearing big bulky coats and somehow I ended up on my knees in the snow (doggystyle lol) and afterwards I said "my knees are numb haha" and the guy I just mentioned above's younger brother happened to be there with me and the guy I was with at the time and he teased me about that forever lol.

    Once when I was dating my ex husband we had sex in a "secluded" spot out by the lake and a (tourist) boat came by and some guy shouted "YES, THEY ARE FUCKING!!"

    The first time I ever had sex was in a hotel room that we had stolen the key to. Someone's luggage was there next to the bed and we just broke in and had sex on top of the blankets, not having any idea when the people could return.

    Once in the bushes at the canoe club rental place on the beach in the middle of the day.

    Lots of sex with other people there in the room watching or hanging out but not sure if that counts as "public" lol. I guess we were young and just didn't care.

    Had a guy that I never actually slept with that would go down on me all the time at the beach (fairly secluded beach), right there in broad daylight in the sand.

    I'm sure there are more... I know I once gave a guy a blow job on the roof of the junior high (school wasn't in session) but didn't actually have sex there and have done that in a car while a guy was driving and also at the lake when he was laying on a raft and I was in the water and lots of people swimming around. Haha
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      Backseat of my ex/gf's car.

      We were at one of my favorite karaoke joints and both decided we had the urge to fuck but didn't want to leave just yet.

      So we crawled into the backseat of her little car and I wailed away on her from behind. Pulled out and finished on her while she looked up at me all slutty like.

      It was then that I finally looked into the window of the place we were parked in front of. This had happened at like 3AM so we assumed the place in the mini mall we were parked in front of was closed. When as a matter of fact, it was an Asian massage parlor that was open 24 hours. Had bout half a dozen guys in the lobby lined up at the window playing spectators.

      Fun times.
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        Originally posted by Chicoman
        I had sex with this horny freak girl one time under my blanket in the middle of a crowded park. These kids were there with their parents. I had a great time.

        Same story (around 2 pm in bright sunlight in a park full of people), but with a horny freak with big tits and not under a blanket but behind a hedge

        I will never forget how she was riding me as this guy on a bike passed the other side of the hedge - he was not alone bus has this dog with him. And I don't know why, but the this dog must have smelled something! It was starting to make it's way through the hedge and the girl just jumped of me, trying to pull her panties back on, when (luckily!) the guy drove on and pulled the dog with him
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          On a beach in Morocco. Spent a night in jail because of it but it never made it on my permanent record.

          No I'm not telling you what happened. Guy's gotta have some secrets, right?

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            You have sex in public for one of two reasons:
            1. You like the novelty of it
            2. You're horny as hell and logistics don't allow for total privacy
            With one exception, I only have sex in public for the second reason. If you have exciting relationships, that second reason happens much more often than you would think. The one time I did have sex in public for the first reason hardly counts - I was seeing a girl at the time who had a rape fantasy, so we drove past a fairly private dirt road and did the deed in the back of her car in some farmer's corn field.

            For better or worse I seem to have a lot of public sex, so here are a few locations:
            • hot tubs (both discreet with others in the tub, or blatant if we thought we were alone)
            • pools
            • Airplane (actually it was a fingering with another girl next to her)
            • Road head more times than I can count
            • Pulling to the side of the highway to fuck when the road head got too heated
            • Parking lots (especially in rented vans in college when I would be traveling somewhere for sports and couldn't use the room I was sharing)
            • While I'm on the subject, I've also fucked a few girls in shared rooms while the roommate was sleeping
            • River bank (hadn't seen this girl in a few months and we went inter-tubing with her friends. She has huge tits and was looking pretty good in her bikini, so it didn't take long before I pulled her behind a fallen tree and fucked her on the bank)
            I'm sure there are others but that's all that occurs to me off the top of my head. If you want to do it (which I highly recommend), be smart about it. In fact, be smarter about it than I have been. You can be charged with indecent exposure which counts as a sex crime and (at least in my state) requires you to register as a sex offender, not live close to schools, etc etc.

            Try not to do it for the novelty - instead do it because you two just can't stand it anymore and can't wait until you get home.

            And above all, have fun man.



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              I banged my girl recently on top of a K-9 unit cop car in a station parking lot..
              Cops were right around the bend out of sight. LOL.

              We were on our way to a family function afterall..



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                Originally posted by money_matteo View Post
                I banged my girl recently on top of a K-9 unit cop car in a station parking lot..
                Cops were right around the bend out of sight. LOL.

                We were on our way to a family function afterall..

                Fuuuuuck! You win hands-down.

                I once had sex on top of a bridge. But really, public sex is only as difficult as getting a steady girl.

                The more ego-gratifying scenario is when it is a girl you just met. The first time I got a BJ in my car from a new girl was probably the horniest I was ever in my life. I was hard right afterwards and she sucked me off AGAIN.

                I love parking lots and hate public restrooms. One time there was a couple of college kids (probably on a date) who were right behind our car when we were fucking. They noticed us, but we didn't care: the guy was getting nervous and the girl was getting excited. We were doing it in my girl's car (I had met her at a Barnes and Noble and we had both arrived there separately of course), so when I got out after finishing up to go to my car, our audience was staring me up and down. I wish I had high-fived them, but the thought didn't cross my mind at the time.


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                  First time I had public sex was behind a crowded bar during a party night. In my defense she was wearing a short skirt. Those things are my weakness.

                  Also gotten a terrible handjob in the middle of a Muslim pool hall (I'm a Jew). And no it wasn't under the table or something, her hand was stuffed down my jeans in plain sight... though I'm pretty sure people were too drunk to notice.

                  There's nothing I like less than car sex and road-head. I get the idea, but I find it seriously uncomfortable and not much of a turn-on.


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                    Originally posted by hangman View Post
                    Fuuuuuck! You win hands-down.

                    I once had sex on top of a bridge when I was in Austin. But really, public sex is only as difficult as getting a steady girl.

                    Thanks man! .. I've got a lot of random places under my belt.

                    You got me thinking about my personal faves..

                    Between two boogie boards on a public daytime beach in maui-
                    in a public daytime hot-tub with strangers around us..
                    I had a major finger-bang hookup in the back of a cop-car once.. (cop was actually just giving us a ride after my motorcycle broke down on a 1st date)
                    Pirates of the Carribiean at Disneyland
                    The rainbow bridge at the japanese tea gardens in san francisco.. (jumped the fence at midnight)

                    shit.. when it happens it happens. OH WELL



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                      I once got head on a foot bridge. The bridge was about a 100 feet long and we were right in the middle of it. Two people crossed the bridge while we were engaged. The first was a girl who walked as fast as she could and kept her eyes straight ahead the whole time. The second was a guy who walked as slowly as humanly possible. After that we moved to a different location to have sex. On our way back to her car, we saw another car parked nearby. Just for shits I shined my cellphone into the car. Turns out two college kids were hooking up in there. I've never seen someone drive away that fast :-P


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                        A FB of mine was babysitting a a dog for a weekend, and thus had the owners home to herself. Im invited for dinner, but when im going to opne the 2nd bottle of wine we realize we have noe bottle opener. Its a snowing winter outside, and we are just wearing bathrobes. Fuck it, i WANT more of that totaly awesome wine. So we get in my car and blast the heat up. As the bathrobes were rather smal, we swith between sucking\wanking and fingering\rubbing most of the way. im horny as shit, and really dont care much about the people outside anymore. On the way back home i just cant stand it anymore, so i pull over at a bussstopp. "spread your leggs, i want you, right now". Shes sitting in the passenger seat with her feet planted on the windshield, while im fucking her. Awesome position, shes stuck and cant do shit other than scream and hit\scratch me.. Love it! I don't last too long though, and finish inside bareback her=). Probarbly because im totally jackhammering her + all preplay.
                        Didn't wash my windshield for MONTHS! It was just to hilarious when it fogged up and there were feetmarks on it

                        Not really sex but anyway..
                        A friend of mine came to visit me durning my summer vacation at the family beach house, I have fucked her 4 or 5 times before.
                        So anyway, we decide to grab lunch and eat in the boat. Afterwards we just relax and cuddle in the backseat\sofa (its a bowrider kind of boat)
                        and i start to rub her pussy. (she's wearing a tiny 2piece) It's lots of people around, both in boats and on the beach etc, but im trying to use the collapsible top as cover (its folded behind us :P) As i slide my fingers inside her she starts moaning and shit, so im like "shh, people might notice". She instantly grabs my cock like its a fucking handrail. Some 13 yr oldish kids are cruising around in a smal zodiac and have taken an intrest in our boat aperantly, as they try to get a peek all the time. Seriously wtf?! So she notices im aware and gets really bothered. fuck.. Fucked the shit out of her later that night, but i really wanted to bang her in the boat, that was so fucking hot.

                        Oh and at a party I was attending I saw a friend of mine fucked this slut (shes a really dirty slut, 20yr and fucks for beer) On the middle of the dancefloor. They were standing face2face, with her leg "over" his arm, really hardcore fucking with her moaning LOUD. haha, it's about the closest ive ever come to a live CollegeFuckFest video lol.
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                          Wow. You guys have way better sex-in-public stories than I do. I feel so inferior.


                          All I got is:

                          1. Getting head in the front seat of a car while parked, at night, though the parking lot was somewhat busy. One guy walked by, saw the blonde head going up and down in my lap, and actually stood and watched. Perv. I gave him the wink-click-gun-hand-signal thing and he went away.

                          2. Having sex with a married woman in the back seat of her minivan in an empty parking lot of a building that was under construction. This car pulls up; it's security. The two assholes actually made us both get out of the car and threatened to call the cops and press trespassing charges if we didn't. They knew exactly what we were doing and just wanted to see some shit. Fucking rent-a-cops.

                          3. Sucking an 18 year-old's tits in my car, downtown, during the day. Some guy walks by and knocks on the window to say "Alright!", but then when he clearly sees both of our faces, he realizes difference between me and her and goes "Whoa!!!" and and runs away. People are soooooooo judgmental!
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                            I rock climb and often have climber gf's. Sex combined with heights/wild environment is a natural fit for me. I have one "special" climb next to a waterfall that no one else knows about and where I can fuck girls without worrying about being discovered, no matter how vocal they get.

                            My best one was probably a 300-foot climb in three sections (pitches). At the first station(belay) it was mutual oral. Second was taking her from behind, with my hand over her mouth as their were others within earshot. No cumming but she really liked it. At the top I rigged the ropes so we could be at the edge of the cliff and improvised a gag (with her enthusiastic consent) so that her cries would be muffled. I lay her at the edge with her head hanging over 400+ feet of air. I fucked her from behind this way for maybe 10-15 min and she seemed to come multiple times. I didn't even come as I was managing the rigging, her position, etc.. The cost of leadership. Afterwards though she finished me off before we rappeled down, totally spent and trying not to fuck up the rappels in my addled state.

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                              There was one time when I had only been married a short while and we were home visiting my family so had sex in a parked car at the park after dark and a policeman came and checked our ID's (we were like 21 and 24 and of course had the same last name....). He was also shining a flashlight on us and I hadn't had the chance to get completely dressed. What a pervert....

                              My guy that I have been seeing (and have known since we were kids) once told me he had sex with a girl in the dark room during photography class in high school. The way he told it he hadn't even thought of her much in a sexual way but she kind of came onto him in there so he took the opportunity.
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