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40 Hour workers, How do you organize yourself?

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  • 40 Hour workers, How do you organize yourself?

    From Monday to Friday I have 5 evenings where I can do things for myself. Which sounds a lot but, isnt a lot at all.

    I take a walk in the work break for about 20 minutes. After work, I go for a walk for about 40 Minutes. In this time I want also train approach skills.
    (At the moment I have the goal to walk at least an hour a day. and do approaches in the evening walk)

    Problem 1: When finally arrived at my flat, I cannot get my ass up to leave the house again. That's a big obstacle and a big effort for me.
    Semi Solution: That's why I go directly after work for the walk.

    But often there is no time directly after work. This week I already have 3 schedules from social circle.
    - Tomorrow a friend wants to come over after work.
    - Thursday someone wants me to help at his removal.
    - Also a friend asked for time on friday, propably also directly after work.

    There I lost at least 2 chances for streetgame and taking the walk, which is my goal.

    Also a Problem is that I take seroquel for sleeping. I take it because after banishing Kratom I got heavy sleeping problems.
    That's why I stay at home in the evenings and try to take the pill at latest at 10 pm. If I take it later I get heavy hangovers, next day.
    I wish I could go at least one night out during the weekdays but I have no desire for the hangover next day caused by less sleep and late seroquel. Also I dont know If I could manage to get my ass up to go out solo under that cirmustances.

    I feel my freetime under the week is very short. let's say
    I arrive at 5.30 pm at my area
    taking a walk 6.30 pm
    cooking and eating 7.30 pm
    (+ time to go to the super market +30 somtimes)

    May I exeggarate here, but it's already 7.30 pm 150 Minutes before I take make myself read for bed and take my pill and I
    did absolute nothing for pure enjoyment for myself.

    So normally that's the time when I start to entertain myself via tv or pc. (as long as I'm not involved in social circle activities.)
    I do some texting with girls from online game, watch some episodes or play some games.
    And baam it's suddenly 11.30 pm and I dont believe how fast the day is over.

    Sometimes I give a fuck and stay up a bit longer, like yesterday. Today I felt totally exhausted after work and tired during work.. which is shit.. and also brings lacks in motivation is making an effort extra hard.#

    What you guys think about your time?
    Do you also feel that there is not enough time?
    How often you go out during the weekdays? Do I want to much?
    Do you also sometimes feel shit because you prefer to stay at home because of beeing exhausted then working on your goals?

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    When finding job, my priorities was always:
    -low travel time.
    -unlimited net access.
    -unlimited gym access.
    -flexible working hours.
    -I also shop while to/from work.

    I basically dont hang with my friends. Exception being very hot females, since I feel it improves my game (and the off-chance of sex with an 'unlikely' friend, which is my favorite.)

    I have so much time now that Im somewhat considering a small dog. Esp. since Im getting into running. (gym alone doesnt cut it anymore)


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      I do work around 30h/week at the moment, so this is probably the easiest solution for you: get a job where you work less so you'll have more time for other stuff that's important to you. In my case, I wanted to find a job that allowed me to prepare being self-employed while still paying enough to sustain me easily financially, and that's what I searched for and found after a short while.

      Regardless of hours, I've noticed a mental process inside of me that prevents me from doing stuff that I know from experience is good for me, like taking a walk to the river nearby, relaxing, all that stuff. This mental process automatically predicts how long each of those activities will probably take me and tries to systematically order them into the yet unplanned remainder of my day. Since this automated process knows that to feel rested when I sleep I'd usually need at least 2 hours of sleep, it will usually not allow me to rest even when I got 1,5h of free time and I'm really exhausted, and rather "plan" other activities for me. When I'm in a more relaxed and forgiving state, I can humor this process and do stuff I need at any moment anyway (like just go to that river regardless of time constraints), but when I'm more stressed it often goes on autopilot and keeps me on my toes until total exhaustion (or, depending on when I'll have my next big chunk of free time I can use to really relax, illness). When I'm content of that mental process, I can usually pack a lot more into a day while feeling much more relaxed.

      Another note: I've never tried taking sleeping pills, but I imagine they can fuck you up quite a bit. When I cannot sleep (which happens about 2 times/month or so on average, it's usually because I have some emotional stuff to digest, and if I would just "put myself to sleep manually", I suppose this emotional baggage might go "undercover" to other places where it will do actual harm. I've found that the body in most cases has its own wisdom, and trying to control important cycles like rest/sleep from the outside will more often than not lead to you foregoing that wisdom and only after a while see why that wasn't that good of an idea.



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          Is this your life?

          From left to right

          5.Media Entertainment
          6.bringing garbage out
          7.caring about your flowers

          11.washing clothes
 and cake ??! D Dont know

          14. olding clothes fresh ?! Dont know

          ijjjji Do you feel you have a recurring rithmn with your life? For me almost every week feels like the same. How does the others feel about that? Can you compare last week with this week or do you guys have every week a total different expirience?


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            first of all there are multiple takes on this subject and they are all valid, i will link some sources:




            This what i recommend for club game:



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              My life never feels like a recurring loop, even when doing the exact same things.

              Its because I see all things as 'projects' that needs research and optimizing. Everything becomes its own little 'detective story'..

              Lets say we got brain transplants with one another.. whoa I see a ton of things I would look into ASAP:
              -pill? why? what alternatives exist? Is there some lifestyle change that can do the same job as that pill?
              -Getting home 5:30? Are there jobs closer to home, or homes for sale closer to work?
              -Walks after work? No way! I would rather do something like interval sprinting. I would look for a way to pop out and do it during lunch break at work. Eating lunch is unoptimized to begin with.
              -Cooking and eating for an hour? NO WAY! Cook 5 min. Eat 0 min! Just put the food there, and eat slowly while watching your series and replying to online game.
              -TV - HELL NO! Just no!! (Trashed mine 3 years ago. Amazing increase in time, and also mental clarity!)
              -Friends ask for favor or 'just hang at coffee shop' or other UNPRODUCTIVE socializing.. JUST SAY you sprained your lower back, or that you have other engagements. Its OK TO LIE when its self defense!

              Basically, my attitude is one of tolerating ZERO bullshit infringing on my 'free' time. IOW, someones life better depend on it.

              So that should add 3 hrs to 'freedom time' each day! And make sure you dont waste entire days with friends or TV!! And thats just based on what you mentioned. Im sure I could save you tons of more time lol. I need to become a life coach for sure!!


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                My life never feels like a recurring loop, even when doing the exact same things.
                Its because I see all things as 'projects' that needs research and optimizing. Everything becomes its own little 'detective story'..

                Ok Let's pretend the mind transfer is finished.
                That means for me, that everything I do in my freetime is part of a project that needs to be worked on and optimized.Like after work you continue to stay in work mode and work on your own projects? Can you give an example of one of your evenings? Let's say I live 3 evenings the ijjjji style how would that look like?

                Do you never have time where you think. OK Now I do nothing, Now I just be lazy? Like you come home from work and be happy that work is over and you can be lazy for the rest of the day? Like fuck off everything and everyone now I stay home and chill...

                -My Travel time is about 15 minutes to work so it's not that far. I begin between 8.00 and 9.00 am. flextime. But need to stay untill 5 o clock cause of system updates cannot be installed before.

                -interval running? That's what I plan in the long term. As I never went jogging or running I want to start with about 4 weeks of walking.At the moment I walk for 30 Minutes in my lunch break. and 30 - 40 Minutes in the evening after work. in the evening I walk relativily slow uphill and use that time to do 3-4 daygame approaches.

                -Cooking 5 minutes? 0 Minutes? Dont know how you do that. It's even often the case that I only put frozen veggies into the wok put in some coco milk and curry and slice some chicken into it. Cook it and eat it. In the meantime I clean my room or clean some old cutlery. But still I need at least 30-45 minutes for it.


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                  -No I enjoy things, but there is still the desire to optimize. For instance, when I got into manga, I dumped all manga sites from google copyright complaint register (roughly 1300) into excel in order to find the best one. Now, I just read a few pages in bed as sleeping pill, so the optimizing is no longer occurring. However I discover new interests and fields to optimize. Its just an attitude, not a straitjacket.
                  -Nice, so forget what I said about travel time. Now I get why you stay up so late!
                  -30-45?? thats preposterous!! I would never base my life on such inefficient foods. All my foods are 5min stir-fry compatible!!


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                    -I also have the desire to optimize. At the moment optimizing managing my freetime,redesign my flat (more space less forniture),and always thinking how to optimize my daily business stuff in away that it costs less effort.
                    - I need to ask you again. Do you have times where you be lazy and just do nothing?


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                      Sorry to overlook your question. I never sit completely idly.


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                        That's an intersting answer. Because I dont either "idle", except when I sleep.
                        But I phrase or word it as that.
                        In reality "doing nothing anymore today" or "chill" or "hang out" means actual

                        -being lazy, avoiding any effort,
                        -entertain myself with different medias and
                        -staying at home, dont go out anymore and enjoy being alone.
                        -throwing away responsibilities?

                        I talked with a coworker about that in the break. And he told me that this is what most people do.
                        I replied. "Well most people probably have no personal goals".


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                          As stated above the two things it looks like you can get some time from is cooking the foods,

                          You might look into meal planning- cooking on sunday so that you have meals for everyday of the week.

                          And you might reconsider your friends and relationships. For me, it's my reality and my friends enter it. I am extremely purpose driven so likely if it isn't a date, then my friends will have to come and find me when it is convenient for me and it contributes to my purpose. For example, I am never catching up with my friends at a coffee shop or going out drinking with them. If they asked me to help move, I would probably suggest they hire a moving company. My reality is just bigger than anything else going on, it's about focus. But even with that said, I try to make ways for them to participate as well.

                          For example, I have a training coming up this weekend and I will invite them to come along as well. My purpose comes first and the relationships fill in around me to support that purpose.


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                            Originally posted by Supernova View Post
                            And you might reconsider your friends and relationships. For me, it's my reality and my friends enter it.
                            Well that's something worth changing. At the moment it's like I'm joining their reality and do what they do then let them join my activites.


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                              Originally posted by Beckstar101 View Post

                              Well that's something worth changing. At the moment it's like I'm joining their reality and do what they do then let them join my activites.
                              It's great that you notice that man. I just had a girl (just a friend, she tried to hook up with me, but I know her fiance) who had a gift that she wanted to give to me today.

                              She texts me saying that she wants to give it to me. I said, I will be on this part of town. Let me know when you will be over this way. The next thing that happens is she comes all the way over here to give me the gift. Except I went to go get some lunch, so she goes and meets me at the place I am at for lunch and I don't waste any of my time.

                              Now that you notice it, very people will actually make decisions. They will just follow your lead. This allows you to guide the friendship. And let me ask you, is it you or your friend's purpose that is more important? Because if it's not yours then you might as well let them lead.