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New Book Almost Done. Looking for beta readers

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  • New Book Almost Done. Looking for beta readers

    Hey guys. It's been 4 years since I released A Thousand Tiny Failures and my daygame book, I Hope It's Sunny Out. I just finished the first draft of my new novel, "Islands."

    The story is not a seduction book. It's a fiction book about travel. The plot is this.

    Adrian, a 23 year old from San Diego, travels to Thailand in search of his older brother who went missing two years earlier.

    It's a book about travel, and masculinity, overcoming fear of death, and has a lot of philosophy bits. I'm not really sure what it is yet honestly. I've been chipping away at it for a few years.

    What I need are a few people willing to read it, and get back to me with honest feedback. It's the second draft, so it might ruin it for those who want to read the entire finished novel, as I will re-write it again a few more times after the beta test.

    If you're a fast reader (finish within two weeks) and you'd like to help, send me a pm with you email address.

    Thanks dudes.

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    Wrong place man, you'll only find alpha readers around here

    They're way worse test subjects, they'll read you book whenever they feel like in whichever page order they feel like and then tell you it makes no sense. You may get honest feedback if they feel like it but maybe they'd rather write you about restaurants, and since they're alpha and control the frame without wavering, that's what you get. A long ass email about restaurants.


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      Depending on the page count I would be willing and happy to help you out since I myself love to write. Problem is I'll be traveling Europe for at least 6 weeks starting this weekend so I can only do it after I get back (I won't pack my laptop for weight reasons). So if you can wait that long I'd be happy to read your draft, if you need it faster I'll sadly have to refuse



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        In my spare time I've been playing around with Barbarian porn.

        “Hmmm, hard!” Cuntar groaned while looking at his massive, engorged barbarian cock. Cuntar had taken up the habit of talking to himself. Spending weeks alone in the forests of Hornibia can do that. With his hefty fists, Cuntar wiped the sleep from his wild, blue-grey eyes.

        “Hmmm, need woman!” Cuntar grunted while adjusting his loin cloth.

        It was true. Since slaying the lizard army of the evil sorcerer Dorakakakaka, Cuntar had been hornier than usual. Facing death can do that to a man, and Cuntar faced death often. Normally Cuntar would find a decent pleasure house and wench or four to spend his hard earned gold pieces on, but he’d heard of great riches, and many finer wenches to be found on the eastern edge of Hornibia forest, here in the kingdom of Syphilacia.

        To reach this wealth, he must pass through the ancient realm, which was known to be enchanted with nefarious magic that left lesser men horny to the state of incapacity. Many adventurers had entered, never to return, or were found days later, their cocks rubbed raw, dead from some unknown calamity. But Cuntar was no normal man—he was a barbarian, raised in slave pits, forced to fight for his freedom—paid only in whores and the cheers of blood frenzied spectators. Cuntar had the strength of many men, and the wits of few, but his most potent trait was his powerful barbarian cock. He had frightened witches to death with a mere glimpse of the beast behind his cloth. Where his axe had failed, it saved his life many times over, and thus he was conditioned against the dark arts, such as he now faced in Hornibia.

        The barbarian gathered his belongings, which consisted only of basic survival necessities: flint for fire, dried meat and of course, his axe. Cuntar figured to own more was womanish, though he did enjoy a small amount of luxury after a good battle or pillage. He had a taste for wine, ale, and was undefeated, even amongst larger men (of which there were few) in drinking capacity. But while adventuring he chose to travel light, without armor, creature comforts or baggage (physical or emotional).