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Placebo - probably the greatest thing for seduction

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  • Placebo - probably the greatest thing for seduction

    Biblically, placebo domino = please the lord.. but sometime around 1700, it came to mean the medicine given only to please a patients desiring to take medicine, in cases where no medicine is needed. It was already known that when you have some lingering ailment, there is great comfort in thinking that you are doing everything in your power to fix the situation.. this stress reducing / sleep enhancing factor can GREATLY SHORTEN the recovery period for some ailments, even if the medicine itself had no direct effect.

    When using the word in regard to seduction, it simply means the positive contribution of acting with strong conviction that you are doing the right thing (for enamouring girls).

    The positive impact strikes on multiple levels:
    -somewhat manly (in a good way)
    -trustworthiness, as in "you know what you are doing"
    -implicit social proof, as in "you know your way around girls"
    (Probably even more things on this list! ..ok a quick example.. lets say you have an expensive car that you love, and when bringing it in to the workshop to have something fixed, the guy looks hesitant and insecure as he starts to take it apart.. you instinctively wish you brought it elswhere, right?)

    The great news, is that you dont need really good techniques to get girls. A generally useless technique, which was shared with you in a very convincing manner, or a generally bad technique which didnt backfire the first few times you tried it.. can do GREAT THINGS for you from that point on.. ... (As a side note on 'bad technique', let me mention/remind that techniques that are obviously bad.. are GREAT. But thats a digression.)

    -Share things with conviction and enthusiasm.
    -Ignore people who dislike your advice.
    -Systematically read signs as proof you are doing the right thing.

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    A very cool professor at some university once talked about how there had been a study concerning all sorts of treatment, be it psychological, shamanic, therapeutic, medication, ... and that they found that the placebo effect even for the medications was found to be about 60%. Was kind of an interesting thought regarding homeopathy because most people I know fight about whether it's a placebo-effect or not, but if you trust that study (not the exact numbers but the general idea behind it) that's exactly the point. That professor went on to say that there are very obvious cases like when you have been stabbed by a knife, perhaps it would be a good idea to remove that knife, stop the bleeding and all that, but for most other cases the placebo effect is much more important than what exactly the doctor or whoever does.

    He also created sort of a general theorethical system to explain his idea which I thought was extremely brilliant and which can be seen as a further simplification of the model presented in "The hero with a thousand faces" (brilliant book by the way), and I've experimented with that a lot over the last few years and found it to be very powerful, especially in a negative way. Like, if I believe that only a doctor can help me, I will often co-create the reality to fit my expectations. If I as a teacher believe a student will surely fail, there's a high chance he will fail, especially if he himself does believe the same way. If however I do believe in a students capability to surprise me even if he doesn't, it's possible for him to persuade himself that he may be wrong. Perhaps the same idea created the "doctor" in the first place, to create a role of a human being who tells you that he's sure you're not going to die, so as to create the possibility for you to distrust how you feel just enough so as to make your healing at least possible. If having someone around who thinks something is possible is the very thing that creates this possibility in the first hand, the consequences are very interesting.

    Now if you relate the whole idea to pickup stuff, what strikes me as one of the most interesting ideas is the one I'm discussing with Tank in the relationship area for weeks now: that as long as you believe a certain condition is necessary to have success, you'll co-create the reality in which this condition truly becomes a necessity that it initially wouldn't have to be. So sexual or relationship success might be much less about how to be able to meet certain conditions you believe are necessary for success but rather how to allow yourself to let go of the believes related to those conditions. From what I've found so far, connections between people are generally very easily found and made, but the ideas the people involved have about conditions they have to fulfill before they are allowed to connect can make it quite complicated.