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Study: Sexual intimidation strategies in primate societies

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  • Study: Sexual intimidation strategies in primate societies

    Here is a link to an article about an interesting study:

    »After observing the mating habits of chacma baboons living in the wild over a four-year period, researchers have found that males of the species often use long-term sexual intimidation to control their mates. The findings reported in Current Biology on July 6 suggest that this mating strategy has a long history in primates, including humans, and may be widespread across social mammals—especially when males of a species are typically larger than females.«

    An other study might be more relevant for human mating habits:

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    The human unconscious brain is vast and causing lots of ultra-long term evolutionary behaviors that makes no sense on surface.. like girl deciding to having babies with homosexual men for instance.. where does that come from? (Im making the logical jump that at least some girls must think/feel like that, or homosexuals would become extinct after only a few generations.)

    I will forever argue that a man with a 'subtle' sexual expression, will out-lay a man with a burly sexual expression in both the short and long term.. And no girl will tell any researcher it is like that, because secrecy is possibly the main evolutionary advantage of such behaviors.. making all the males contribute their share of child rearing, tribe support and tribe protecting. (regardless who was actual father of the tribe children.)

    Like hens systematically squirting out the sperm of rooster X, when a cute rooster Y is also in the area..

    Lol I assume bonobo sperm must look like miniature blood bowl players armed to the teeth.. waging massive wars against enemy sperm inside those females..