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Q:is this form of influence working

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  • Q:is this form of influence working

    Hello guys,

    do you guys think that these forms of manipulation/hypnotic commands are working.

    1. What I say: Good Morning
    What I think and trying to send: I have no time

    in a pu case, It could be also something like: think about my cock, think about fucking me etc......

    I never speak it out, but I just belief that the responder gets my message and it propably influences my tonality.

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    Using no sex related words, and letting vibe speak for itself = What I do all day every day.

    -Who am I to judge those who like to talk to girl about sex in a direct way? They probably have their reasons.
    -All I can say is that for me personally, it completely ruins the amazing tension built by NOT speaking about it.

    Credit to Gunwitch! He wrote very well about this in GWM already in 2001. Do newbies still read GWM these days? I fucking hope so!


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      So you do more or less the same?

      I read gunwitch and listened to seduction mma. I just did not equate it with vibe. Vibe is for me a feeling or energy or the overall mood.

      I got another case, it's not about influence but also about subcommucation and transmitting.

      Let's say 2 people have conflict but both people are not capable to talk about it because of whatever past they are too blocked to let their feelings and emotions out.
      Is it possible that these two people communicate via subtl body language about it. I asked myself this several times now. I think it is possible when both parties play the game or aware of it. I make an ultra nerdy real life example of myself at work now.

      Let's take an attempt to appeasement. This now may seems weird, but there was a conflict with the leader and I transmit my sorry feelings by clicking my mouse "in harmony" with his mouseclicks or making strokes at the keyboard in harmony with his strokes so that it gets transmitted via the audio.

      Ok that wasnt a real body language example, so here one bodylanguage example.

      let's say I know one of my friends is worried about something but I dont talk about it for whatever reason and I may even dont know what it is. What comes to mind is that I slightly and subtle wave with my forefinger and my longfinger away from my body while I know he sees it.

      I'm asking myself does people get these messages? And does people send these messages?