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I finally went FULL HOMO!

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    Originally posted by Skills360 View Post

    now for all of them you use the moisturizer right, after?

    bumps is the main problem
    Mainly for the chest and face, but you can use it anywhere you like
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      I like to shave fully then let it grow up to 1-2 centimeter (2 cm is the big max) then shave it all the way down again. I like to be cleaned shaved, women tend to prefer it, but personally I am too lazy to do it every week.

      Nothing HOMO about this.

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        it seems they read this post, now they have this new product, (i am about to buy).....but the reviews in amazon are horrible:

        I am not a fan of razor down there, if there is any product you guys are using shoot....


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          so i guess nobody uses any specialized equipment...


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            ok guys so this is THE BEST FOR BODY GROOMING:

            I bought it and field tested last night, however for ball sack i believe you need to use old school razor there is no machine to get around that.... But for the rest of body including the groin area.... Best hands down...

            do not use for hair/beard only for body...... Finally, that video is old now they made the changes he suggested in the video to the new device cost around $69 usd....

            Get it from target same price as amazon..