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    So, a girl and her friend are dressed up as sexy Santa's. They are walking to their car in a parking lot and see m about to pay for parking at a machine and helpfully tell me that it's free in the evening. I thank them. I liked their costumes so wanted to say some thing complimentary "by the way, great costumes" but i inadvertently said something a little bit different, " by the way, nice outfits", and they got peeved. They may have objected to "great costumes" as well, or maybe to the fact that a sexist haha older guy said this or that it was a dark parking lot. Anyway, I think it shows societal cognitive dissonance for them to wear sexy santa outfits and not anticipate receving such a complimemt. Or maybe I am a creepy sexist old man and haven't figured that out yet, haha.

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    Hmmm. Yeah, that's on the level of saying "nice legs" to a girl sporting a mini-skirt. Of course she wants you to notice but commenting on the obvious is chodish. You're experienced enough to know better. Just "Merry Christmas" would have( sub-)communicated enough. In this case they grabbed the validation of the compliment and doubled it by snubbing the creepy old perv in the dark parking lot. No skin off your nose, girls will do that. "Outfits" or "costumes" wouldn't have made a difference.


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      Originally posted by Sase View Post
      Just "Merry Christmas" would have( sub-)communicated enough.
      Yes, but you can also combine in it with a quick glance at her ass and a relaxed friendly smile. Girls love to make guys horny, you just gotta be classy about it. You don't want get pidgeon holed into the same group of guys who honk and whistles after girls.