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  • Book recommendation on newest psychology

    Hello I'm looking for a book recommendations on the newest psychology break throughs.

    I dont know what these are and how can I stay up to date? I guess neuro sience is a big thing lately.
    Are there any books that use the neuro sience model as foundation for describing change and influence?

    Gunwitch it looks like you are always up to date. where do you get your informations? are there any good blogs or sites which present the newest break throughs? What did you read on neurosience?

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    Modern psychology is spinning wheels, take it from me, my sister is a professor of psychology with a PhD, and I read all her books several years ago. I studied everything from Alfred Adler to B.F Skinner.

    The truth is that Modern psychology does not penetrate deeply. For example, the most effective form of psychology is CBT which has better clinical effects than the drug Prozac. The catch is that you need to "retrain" your mind every 6 months or the effects wear off. This is still much better than popping prozac, but it isn't the permanent solution. CBT is simply Stoicism repackaged for modern consumption. Stoicism is great but it isn't permanent.

    Now scientists are experimenting with micro-dosages of psilocybin (hallucinogen drug from magic mushrooms) which is leading to promising results. Same with the most potent hallucinogenic drug DMT which has semi-permanent effects like 20+ years.

    But, even THAT isn't the true solution.. The true solution is meditation, two types of meditation:

    1) Jhana meditation (which releases DMT in your brain)


    2) Vipassana meditation

    And you can do both meditations at the same time. Both of these meditations were discovered by the Buddha, and it works 100%.

    If you do anapanasati (which is both jhana and vipassana) meditation 1 hour every day for just 3 months. You will change rapidly, all your addictions will just slip off you and you will attain peace that only gets stronger with more time. Eventually you will realize how fucked up you've been living your whole life causing yourself suffering like a child pulling his own hair and then blaming others for their pain and looking for solutions in the outside world when all you have to do is let go of your hair and stop harming yourself.

    Look into it, this is serious stuff. You can PM me if you want more resources.
    The Qlue, simple perspectives on life.


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      I scanned through a lot of sports psychology literature. Nothing very ground breaking there imo.
      There seems to be a new movement on reddit claiming that "motivation is a lie" (more or less). Interesting reads there. But very divergent/'identity crisis' atm (reminding me of pu).


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        I think its all just a mess right now

        I used to search through scientific literature on the brain

        very interesting, but got the idea there was no overview when all those scientific findings are taken together.


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          Specially I'm looking for a book that is giving advice and a model of change based on the newest neurosience researches.. Anyone?


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            Originally posted by Bexx View Post
            Specially I'm looking for a book that is giving advice and a model of change based on the newest neurosience researches.. Anyone?
            Isn't it easier to actually ask about what you want to change? Or is this for use on others?
            How most therapies work are not well-understood on the neurological level AFAIK, but I have seen research articles where there are measurable differences in brain scans of war veterans after meditation vs other therapies etc.


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              neuroscience is all about hormones and chemicals affecting mood, like I said about psilocybin.


              Neurosciences is also pretty limited to imaging and scanning devices so it's a bit handicapped currently. The biggest upcoming thing is the head/body transplant by Dr. Sergio Canavero but that was cancelled or delayed in 2017 due to ethical issues.

              But as sparxx brought up, without knowing a purpose this stuff is useless. Hormones, diet, and addiction can be applied though.
              The Qlue, simple perspectives on life.


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                For example: "Neurosience proofs that doing the same behaviour/ritual over and over strengthens a path in the brian" which can be said that if you walk the same path over and over the path gets paved. Which means if you want a new path you need exercise it. Ok this is pretty much cbt with neurosience backup. And I just ask myself if there is a book out there that if argues on neurosience regarding behaviour change like in the example.. A book that gives tools for self improvement based on neurosience researches. for example book title: "How to change your self with the help of neurosience"... I did not found one yet this is what I'm asking. But the informations are flooding around the web in form of small pieces in different articles...