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    If you actually have juice they will get you what you want (your boss could actually be working on it right now for you like they said).

    If they are jerking you around then you weren't going to get the raise any way because you don't have any leverage.

    It all comes down to whether they like you enough to use their political capital to justify the expense.

    If you have leverage you can pretty much do anything in corporate...


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      Originally posted by Bexx View Post
      I never displayed that I'm not willing to leave. Because of the fact that the last two guys of my team left last year. My boss needs to consider that I'm also willing to leave. And I guess he must be scared about the fact that when I'm leaving it can lead to really bad situations.

      And other thing is, I'm willing to take the first steps like ordering a testimony from our company and do go for searching another job not just yet at the moment. I try to solve it other wise.

      The other sanctions I could put out, is that I'm just dont do the work anymore that is stuff for salary group 4.

      Just for exmample today in the morning around 100 people couldnt work with the program I'm administrator of, because yesterday in the evening someone from the server management team put an update without information on and destroyed some of our functonality. I shurely take some instant action to make the system work again. Conserding this consequence I could say, not my beer. I dont get paid for that responsability.

      whine and complain.. what shall I they do this. From my point of view I just asked for help in my specific situation. That searching another job and threating for leaving is an option I of course know. Wtf I'm not stupid. I just thought that here I found something more clever for my situation...
      Best not to give an ultimatum. Doesn't go down well saying give me a rise or i'm leaving.
      Have someone else hint to the boss you are thinking of moving on


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