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Another one bites the dust gll getting married just lol

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    Originally posted by Stargazer View Post
    She is goofy looking, which means that guys opinions will vary more than usual. But more importantly they have what we in Sweden call "šktenskapstycke", basically people who look like each other will end up marrying and getting kids (notice that they have similar noses). I actually think that may be the reason behind me getting dumped recently, her nose was completely different from mine (
    she is decent, she is actually somewhat my type, but that is not my point, my point is that he does not get anything that is "super hot" like he claims on his videos, that most guys in forums or my natural friends don't get....

    my point is the "exaggeration factor", there is pua named double who is into fat girls, and tank is into muscular type fitness girls, so i don't care what you are into... I just can't stand bs braggadocios posters/gurus, is my personal pet peeve... When i know better, since i have been gaming long enough...