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Open Apology to YoungJD

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  • Open Apology to YoungJD

    Hey there. I wanted to write this post in order to publicly apology to YoungJD

    I initially thought he was ijjji. He happens to write in a very similar ways, in regards to how he writes, choice of words as well as the whole formatting of his post - which are all in a way that is very close to how Ijjjji does it. There were also other signs which I will not get into.

    I initially though - and I was not the only one, to believe this. In turns out that certain posters, like cosy has had some chat with him. He did not reveal the content of their talk, only revealed to me that he has no reasons to believe he is ijjji. I trust cosy as a friend because he is one.

    For this, I would like to take a step back and publicly apology for giving youngjd shit for something he was not guilty off, in addition to derailing 2 of his threads - one which happened to be lay report. I apology for not respected the sacredness of a lay report. Lay reports are lay reports! A lay is always a kudo no matter what.

    But what I am most ashamed off, is giving shit to a guy who obviously goes out, is putting in the work and in turn gets results, and more importantly, shares them to all of us to enjoy. He is in this regard an ideal poster. It is very unfair of me to give such a guy shit. I therefore write this apology here.

    I obviously do not agree with everything he writes - and i will openly discuss more with him as I get more time (may is going to be rough) . But there is a lot of good stuff coming from him and I will gladly check his stuff out in the future.

    Sorry again.

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    hey thanks man I appreciate this.

    I was reading alot of ijjjji stuff and trying to model myself after someone I saw as successful so hopefully I DO sound like him lol. but I will be (and thank you cosy for suggesting) also focusing on 'carving my own lane' so to speak when I feel like I have the basics down.

    and I *always* appreciate feedback! TY all


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      Iím back ...I sound like me being quiet for 20 years


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        Youngjd is cool ,Lyon are you him?