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It's gotta be oneitis

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  • It's gotta be oneitis

    *was gonna post in Relationships but realized this is just me venting...enjoy!*

    Its gotta be oneitis...but WHY? Jesus christ my dick is sore from all the other girls I've been fucking. But I always end up spending time with "C". I haven't seen her for two days and I misssss the shit out of her!

    I was over at "E" house today and was gonna try to just fuck the needy feelings out of me, but my state was so bad (sad) that she rejected me and I just left all dejected. Like not sad that I didn't fuck E, just bummed that I wasn't with C.

    It's a strange feeling, it's different than oneitis in the I can tell C "I miss you" but if she acts up I can immediately turn around and call her an asshole. So I'm way more congruent than in the past.

    She's kinda mad at me right now but still texting I know I need to put her SMS on silent until she's begging to meet up but today I couldn't - I hung out with 3 different girls and the whole time I was just wishing I was with C. I didn't fuck any of them, I could barely get horny.

    She's probably feeling the same way, but controlling her BT by hanging with her friends or some shit...cause she's jealous that I hung out with E and didn't tell her (they're friends).

    (BTW something funny happened last time we hung out...after I gave her the most & most intense orgasms she's ever had (she wouldn't stop talking about that fact) she started going to the gym religiously, like twice a day now)

    The sexual chemistry with this chick is crazy (crazy) , and I've never been more sexually dominant with a girl in my life.

    I'm not worried about losing her, I just realllyyyy miss her on the days she's not available.

    And hey! This is practically the first time I've been able to enjoy these lovey feelings without being attached to them & fearful that they will go away!

    Thank you mASF community! Have learned so much. I've come a looong way with girls, and made a lot of progress in short time. Sometimes I feel down when I hit short periods of time where I DON'T progress as quickly...need to get back into hobbies that I've been slackin on.

    jesus christ, look at this post...I've been hanging with so many girls I think I'm turning into one.


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    I know what you mean. I spent two months meeting the same girl at least three times a week (let's call her "my own C" haha).

    The other day, after having great sex with another girl ("X", first date after meeting her in a party), I'm taking her to her place and a bitter song starts playing on my Spotify. Aaaaaand I remember C hahaha.

    After that I thought I would see C again, but she had family issues and blah blah. So she moved to another country and after almost one month I still miss her a little. But having slept with 3 women (2 hotter than her) has helped a lot. I had sex again on Saturday night with X. And I'm seeing a new one tomorrow.

    So yeah, some girls just get stuck in your head. But you need to fuck ten other women.

    You have oneitis because you're not banging them, it's not the other way around trust me. I mean you're rationalising it afterwards, or what's worse, you're rationalising it while you're with other women.

    So try to stop thinking about it. And try to focus on the present moment (you know how to do everything, just turn autopilot). You'll get horny eventually. If you don't, just keep meeting new girls and at least one WILL turn you on.


    • youngjd


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      thanks man yeah ima just keep doing what I'm doing I know I'm on the right track. I like your story I had a really intense romantic LDR in the can be pretty amazing

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    ah shit.... sounds like shes a heartacher then
    bummer bro
    my only tip is dont act so adhd , be more composed
    but DO NOT get sucked into her frames

    she might not be tho,
    it happens with most girls that we get that unknown calling towards em
    just take it easy, dont build anything up into it


    • youngjd


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      yeah it's just me getting sucked into chick drama... :P

    • thecostofsuccess


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      yuuuuh it is