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Truth or Drink - cool M/F blind date interactions

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  • Truth or Drink - cool M/F blind date interactions

    Some really fun male/female interactions in these videos.

    Cyprus (black guy w hat and jersey) and Josselyn:

    At first when she saw him, she got excited, but the more he talked, SHE started qualifying him. If he had just laid back and shut up he could've had her eating out the palm of his hand.

    The tall guy in the white shirt played it a little better, not A-game by any means but better BL and chiller attitude.

    Also white teeth, fresh clothes and a clean haircut puts most of these people at a good attractiveness starting point

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    good clips and no sitting back woudlnt work either she would have ran him over ,he needed to IOD her IODS (she iod thru out )and he needed to dhv without conveying interest to turn that around!


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      Yeah prob plenty of things he coulda done! Just reminded me how I need to check my 'eagerness' level. He seemed too impressed by her (before she actually did anything to earn it)


      • Grodmeister General
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        exactly now you see it! bro we gotta sarge again soon!!!

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      *notice his voice*

      "He has a very deep voice, so I'm going to say he's attractive."

      Why are you not doing voice work right now?


      • youngjd


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        Voice is good actually, one area I excel in. Tonality is second only to BL in projecting confidence IMO

      • COCPORN


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        I find that BL follows voice. If you talk deeper and more slowly your whole being follows. You will move more slowly and more deliberately. It will drive your body language.

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      He fails early.

      "If you take a shot I'll take a shot with you."

      This should have been:

      "Come here, baby girl."