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Procrastination Through Exercise

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  • Procrastination Through Exercise

    I've been searching for threads which could relate to this problem but I've hit a wall. No-one seems to think that exercise can be a form of procrastination, but it has definitely become the case for me. I am not competing, yet I spend most of my free time exercising. I train two times a day, for fuck sake, when I could easily train once and sarge as well. It's got to a stage where I am spending more time in the gym than I do in the field.

    To be honest, I have kind of become tired of the whole seduction thing to some extent, even though I want pussy like a madman. I am definitely not as motivated as I once was. Just want to chill for a while. Still doesn't excuse my obsession with gym. I hate myself for going to work early today, instead of making moves on girls.

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    I never understood this, which is brought up in looks discussions.......... and the strawman is the same as what you are saying in this op, which again i don't understand..... I worked out for 20 plus years and minimum 3 times a week (i know i have nothing to show for but imagine if i did not i would be 50 times more ugly) and it has 0 And i mean 0 effect on going out, sarging and dealing with women...

    How is it that 45- one hour and 20 minutes, 3 times a week or even 6 times a week affects pua....

    ^ i cringe when guys like teev, cosy, or gun make the same point you are making cause is totally retarded...

    now this is what i do if i feel like going out or not:

    1.- i get pretty (like i mention in my video)

    2.- i get dress

    3.- i go to the club (even if i don't feel like)

    ^ for some reason i do way better the night i don't even feel like going out.... (i think ijjji or someone made a post about this who share the same experience)


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      That's the problem, I am not able to limit myself to just 3 x a week. I've been training super hard and have accustomed myself to 5-7 days a week. I find myself training before work and also during it. I should have stayed in the city centre for an hour and gamed, but I didn't. Instead I decide to come in early and do an ab workout, which I could have easily done on my break. Now on my break I will do a back workout. It's just too much focus on training. I should be focusing on approaching, or atleast trying to get laid. I have a date tomorrow, but there is a major dissatisfaction to what I'm doing at the moment. I can't rationalise the excessive training.

      Furthermore, I'm in a bit of a vicious cycle. I'm an endomorph, so I stray very easily on my diet and that makes me more determined to work out, so that I can burn it off. This is majorly frustrating.


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        This is the process by which people excel at something.

        Self help gurus try to flip the script, but its a huge lie.

        People who got extremely good in one field, did so because it happened to become where they found their center/joy/peace, causing sacrifices in other areas.

        Imo you are not sick of game. You are simply falling in love with the gym.


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          So.. do you actually enjoy excercising? If yes, and you're not overdoing it in terms of hurting your body long-term, this doesn't sound like too bad an "addiction" to me.

          If however you have some sort of inner voice telling you something like "before I approach anyone I better first train X in order to improvemy chances just a little bit more", something like that, this might be a problem. But you won't solve the core issues just by exercising less then.

          Although I can't say much about the seduction stuff because I never really went into that like other guys here did, "getting tired" of something you've done a lot for a long while is perfectly normal, and a healthy thing. I've experienced this with writing, playing/composing music and also going out and learning new stuff in general. At times you just hit some kind of plateau or whatever is the reason, and your body/mind tells you it needs a break. And I've found that if I allow for that break, my interest on this thing will return quite naturally after a while. If, and there's the catch, I allowed it to fade as naturally a little earlier.