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Areas of knowledge and their benefits

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  • Areas of knowledge and their benefits

    Which areas of knowledge has helped you in real life most? This post explains lots of them.

    1) Seduction
    A) Benefits:
    Dealing with people, improving health and relationships.
    ​​Also understanding human behaviour in various social settings and improving lifestyle.
    B) Disadvantages of Seduction:
    Wasting too much time on women.
    2) Psychology
    There are some disadvantages I have found in psychologist's theories. These disadvantages are
    A) Handling versus nexting
    Psychology will always teach you to next, which requires radical changes in your life and that's why I was sceptical if I can do all these things.
    Examples: moving to another city (nexting your city), having to move, etc.
    B) Too much theory
    I always asked myself:"Why do I need to read all this stuff?". I use my experience instead.
    C) Questioning other areas of knowledge
    For example, some psychologists are atheists, and for some people who read their their stuff will thing that atheism is unacceptable.( I cannot thing about a better example right now...)

    3) Political sciences
    To my surprise, politics can help me in real life.
    There are some concepts that I have learnt like
    "Every agreement can be changed", which helps me dealing with people (like a political analyst or a diplomat).

    4) Experiences from your job and your workplace.
    This is a bit tricky. It helped knowing the city I work in much better. It is also beneficial for housekeeping.

    5) Hobbies
    If you have a hobby, try to achieve a high level and deeper knowledge. It will obviously help you.
    I found out that chess taught me the importance of good judgment when making a decision in real life. In addition, when having to make and important decision try to examine all possible options carefully like a chess player.

    6) Religion
    I was very sceptical about religions. If you choose to be a religious person, you can be one.
    What I have gained is
    A) The concept of love and its importance
    If people don't love you it can be a huge obstacle in your real life achievements. I started realising that I failed repeatedly in life because some people did not love me.
    B) There ways you can achieve good things in life by playing the "good guy".
    They have taught you to play the evil one to achieve something, I know. There are some things which can be achieved by playing the good guy.

    Lots of mistakes here. I remember Kant's "there are no friends", which I thing is questionable. Without friends I cannot be happy. I like to don't make over complicated decisions in my real life, where philosophy can confuse me.

    8) Knowledge from school
    A famous lecturer in my country has said that "School knowledge is total rubbish. Young people forget everything they have learnt in school.". I remember some wise things some teachers have taught me which helped my in real life, and the rest is a preparation for my future, and therefore school knowledge is not total rubbish.

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    How you left out the most important one, which is sales...


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      Personal first hand experience - great. (social, health, earning $$, etc..)
      Tips from others based on their first hand experience - great.

      ALL the rest... is laden with misinformation, conflict of interest, hidden agenda/deceit, half-truhs and complete nonsense.


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        1. Teaching and writing

        In order to teach others, you'll have to challenge yourself to refine your experience more and more, so it doesn't rely on fore-knowledge as much any more. Same is true for writing.

        If you find a passion for alternative ways of teaching, there are many gold nuggets to be discovered here, too.

        2. Tai Chi and other stuff that's related to the body/mind/soul-connection

        This is probably not that important for people who aren't naturally drawn to these things. But ever since I've had these out-of-body experiences and other weird stuff some 15 years ago, I felt I needed to figure this puzzle out. Way not there, but what I have discovered along the way sure has come in handy.

        3. (Social) Psychology stuff (I've read Hundreds of books on this)

        What's valuable about this isn't so much that you'll discover what works, but you'll discover what other people think might work, and why they act the way they act.

        It also raises the question of who sets the boundaries of "normal" or "allowed" and who might profit from allowing/disallowing things, which leads to interesting answers. Because once you (consciously) overstep the bounds of who people think one can be, you'll enter interesting territory.

        4. History stuff

        History does repeat itself, although it's not always easy to spot the patterns, or rather, it's easy to get sidetracked by other people thinking they are right about spotting those. If you dig really deep into history stuff, you'll find that genuine innovation in terms of society-changing stuff is very rare.

        But it does exist. And those who can spot those soon enough can probably profit highly from it.

        5. Starting my own company

        Still at it, so I can't say much about it long-term (it's almost a year since I started that now). But it's surely a worthwhile experience for those who are drawn to it. It's kind of empowering, in this weird way.