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    Originally posted by NWP View Post

    You are advocating for authoritarian fascism!

    No one has any business deciding for me who I am allowed to listen to and who I must be deprived of hearing from. And no one has any business telling me which advice I'm allowed to take and which I'm not allowed to even hear.

    I'll listen to whomever I choose and I will take or not take any advice that I see fit. You have no right to take away my, or anyone else's, individual autonomy in this matter. Especially since, in the early days, many posters helped me whom others told me not to listen to.

    Guys like Teevster will just say that no one who doesn't cold approach or go to clubs has any business here, and that will be that. The goal of this forum should be a successful sex life (however one defines that for oneself), which includes relationship management and online game, social circle game, etc... Not a narrow definition of what constitutes a cold approaching or clubbing PUA.

    My apologies NWP. I didn't mean to come off that way. I think we should all vote on stuff.


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      I am closing this thread. I have opened another more focused thread in Community Bulletin Board, which is the apropos place for such discussions. It is private and does not expose our political machinations to the public. I will be opening other threads in the coming days on other topics.

      Thanks for everyone's participation in this thread. It has been educational.
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