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For Once I Agree With NWP

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    Online the girl has the upper hand, always.
    They are choosing you, whether you like it or not.
    IRL you can destroy that assumption in a few minutes, but online there's nothing you can do about it.

    My overall point was basically what you said: lack of access.
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      "you get 8's checking you out in bars but you don't match with 8's on tinder? That's odd."

      Not odd. I'm 39.
      Young chicks don't even bother to check my age range.

      "(you must be handsome if 8's check you out). Is that the reason do you think? Basically, choice?"

      I'm 6'1" and 216, with 10%BF.
      I DO have a presence in person that will never be translated to online.

      "I would hypothesize that online, where girls are given a massive selection advantage, its closer to 7/93."

      Yes, and this is crucial.
      IRL you have massive advantage cause 99% of guys screw up in the first 10 seconds or never approach.
      If you have a presence and game, you always have the upper hand.
      Then you can run gambits, sexual prizing, the social, emotional and sexual trifecta and steal any leverage she could have on you.
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