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Player supreme died of a heart attack...........

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  • Player supreme died of a heart attack...........

    Hey guys just found out player supreme died (it has been almost a year)..... He was a poster on masf then went to youtube.... Me and him never got along, he went to one of my videos, this one, and we got into a fight, cause i saw a demo video of him were a girl was sitting down he went and grab her hand and took to the dance floor..... So, i told him i do not agree with his dance floor game advice..... Then he went through a lot of my videos and started nitpicking and not understanding (for example i don't wear glasses at the club, i was wearing glasses to hide my identity at the time, were puhaters were doxing a lot). Then, at the time i was macking on my main (living rent free and the likes) and he challenge me asking how i am a mack, and i did not want to disclose to save face for her(in case she sees the comments on the video at the time).... Anyways, he died of a heart attack....


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    That's too bad. I remember him from masf. He was a great poster. May he rest in peace.

    He has an archive in the masf archive. I just looked, it has 31 PDFs. Those are typically 68 pages of content each, so 2000+ pages of his wisdom is still with us. There is a link to it in the reference library.
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      Never interacted much with him on mASF, but I know many enjoyed his posts. I did find some of them useful.

      May he rest in peace.



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        I remember listening to one of his recordings back around 2012 which basically whipped my ass into gear. It was a nice wake-up call at the time and got me going to the gym and taking serious responsibility for myself! RIP player supreme