Hey guys, I know the forum is shutting down, but I just needed to acknowledge this here and, unless I'm blind, no one made a post about this for some reason.

So Wordpress completely deleted the entirety of the blog Chateau Heartiste, citing an unspecified "terms of service" violation. Now look, as you all know, I HATE Heartiste. I think he is a disgusting piece of garbage who wants all women to be virgins till marriage and return all of us back to the 7th century BC. With that being said, however, I am a Free Speech absolutist. The man has every right to speak his mind, no matter how puritanical, racist, or medieval his thinking is. When you censor people with horrible ideas, you help those ideas flourish, because "forbidden" opinions are sexy, edgy, and hot!

Wordpress has just made Heartiste's sick messages even more powerful by silencing him. European style censorship communicates that these ideas are too powerful to be either ((1) ignored or (2) argued against, which is a compliment to that sex-hating motherfucker!

Wordpress was my go to domain server for starting my own blog, but now, fuck that! I need to host it myself so that my politically incorrect ass can be censorship proof! Need to do more research on that!

To any of you who have blogs on Wordpress, my advice - move them to another server just as an act of protest against fascist censorship. And for god's sake, remember that we are entering into a new online dystopia. I STRONGLY suggest hosting your own blogs (like BD) so that no one can erase you just for being red pilled or anti-PC.

Long live Freedom of Speech!