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Now that's stamina!

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  • Now that's stamina!

    They say women peak sexually after 35, but this really takes the cake . . .

    Is the whole story just sensationalized? Do we have any members here who could put out enough to keep up with this girl's needs? Maybe the 2 guys who called police were just crybaby girly-men who weren't willing to 'rise' to the challenge, so-to-speak!

    Anyhow, ya gotta admit: this lady is a force of nature in bed.

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    I kinda think they were less forced than they were making out. And what would she have done anyway? I mean she wasn't pointing a gun at them or handcuffing them to the bed.

    An assertive guy would have put his clothes on in spite of all the drama, told her he was leaving, but would call in one of his buddies to take over & give some more lovin' . . . and voila!

    Anyhow, I still admire this woman for being a sex beast


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      Speaking of being a sex beast: this woman definitely earns props as the first nymphomaniac to get a noise pollution citation. I hope she & her BF sue for violation of their civil rights (sex is a neccessity of life after all)