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Sun Tzu - The Art of War

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  • Sun Tzu - The Art of War

    I have a copy of The Art of War in my hands. I thought this seemed like an interesting passage to ponder on a speed seduction forum:
    Waging War

    3. Victory is the main object in war. If this is delayed, weapons are blunted, morale depressed. When troops attack cities, their strength will be exhausted.

    4. When the army engages in protracted campaigns the resources of the state will not suffice.

    5. When your weapons are dulled and ardour damped, your strength exhausted and treasure spent, neighboring rulers will take advantage of your distress to act. And even though you have wise counsellors, none will be able to lay good plans for the future.

    6. Thus, while we have heard of blundering swiftness in war, we have not yet seen a clever operation that was prolonged.

    Anyone want to translate into PUA-speak?
    "3. The reason we game is to get the lay. If it takes too long to fuck the girl, your dick gets blunted, and the girl shit-tests you until you feel like... shit. If you take too long and spend too much energy on her, you will be too tired to fuck her later."
    "6. Sometimes going direct on a cold approach SHB can result in a C&B, even if you're C&F and OI and she's a LSE freak. But you NEVER hear of anyone getting the f-close after being LJBF'd, or becoming an AFC orbiter."

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    " 11. When a country is impoverished by military operations it is due to distant transportation; carriage of supplies for great distances renders the people destitute."

    In other words, you better have good logistics. You should hit on women who are close to where you can lay them, or find a place to lay them close to where you are.


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      There are some interesting parallels between military strategy and seduction, and I say this having read all of Robert Greene's work several times, skimmed Art of War, and carefully read Musashi. But honestly, war is infinitely more difficult, complex and cerebral than seduction. War is between two sides that want different things, while seduction is between two sides that want the same thing and are mostly biologically predisposed to get it. For the most part, the parallels are more amusing than useful (at least to me).

      Victory is the main object in war.
      Start with a clear goal in mind so that all your actions are tailored toward that goal. This is a very fundamental tenet of strategy, and applicable everywhere in life. If you approach a girl without a clear goal, she'll make one for you (friend zone, or nothing at all).


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        The quality of a work from an era where people didn't tweet or blog and made every word count. The books from Niccolo Machiavelli are great, too.

        No wonder these books are still relevant after many centuries..

        On a more recent period, Robert Greene's as Jimmy has mentioned is cool. Also, I don't want to think about it as seduction specific, rather, I think about it as useful maxims for life.