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Dilemma: Get laid but be a weirdo or be normal but don't get laid (Journal)

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  • Dilemma: Get laid but be a weirdo or be normal but don't get laid (Journal)

    Where's the journal section around here? Anyways, this is a journal entry, so no need for answers, even though advice is welcome.


    I was horny last night and I knew there was a nightclub open in town. So I went for a powernap (or at least tried), showered, put on clothes and perfume, had a coffee and two whiskey shots and then rode the bike downtown, alone.

    I was gonna park my bike at this spot behind the club so I'd be able to sneak into the club without my cab colleagues noticing me. But there was a group of people where I was gonna park so I thought I'd just continue riding my bike to another spot so they wouldn't think I'm some horny loser who is going out alone a wednesday night in the hopes of getting laid. Better look like I'm heading somewhere else!

    Went past this other bar that to my surprise was still open even though it was past midnight. I spotted some fat woman in her 40's and thought "wouldn't mind taking her home tonight", but since the bar is known as "the recycling market" I would definitely not want to be spotted going there alone in the hopes of getting laid. Some of my moms friends could be there after all.

    I turned around and went back to where I was originally gonna park my bike. The crowd was gone but then I saw a cab coming, "yikes, it's a colleague", so I kept biking away looking like I was going somewhere. I thought to myself "this is fucking ridiculous, I am so pathetic right now" and decided that going home was the only right thing to do.


    I feel like I'm going backwards in my self help journey. I'm the guy who, without blinking and eye, moved to a huge foreign city with a language I couldn't understand and went out alone to nightclubs and shoved my fingers up girls vaginas at the dancefloors.

    But I was a PU-weirdo back then and now I don't want to be like that anymore, I wouldn't be able to respect myself. Also the fact that I'm back in my hometown probably have made me feel more awkward about being a weirdo.


    I think the main dilemma is that it seems to at the moment be between "get laid but be a weirdo" (very bad) or "be normal but don't get laid" (also very bad). The goal for me is to be normal and still get laid.

    Things to acquire that could help me reach this goal:
    • Lots of shallow friends to go out with (so I don't have to go out alone) that also can handle themselves without my company.
    • Social networking skills to get invited to social gatherings and get introduced to girls.
    • Hobbies that allows me to meet new people.
    • Becoming smooth and comfortable with meeting girls during my daily doings.

    The problem is that these solutions are a bit too long term for my screaming cravings for female affection. Therefore I think I will try to go on a lot of short vacations in the future where I will be a PU-weirdo and hopefully get laid. And during this I will try to move towards practicing the last of the bullet points above and hopefully come back with a new set of super-smooth social skills that will allow me to be effective with picking up girls during the daily doings and still be non-weird.

    EDIT: Another solution may be to become comfortable and honest about being a horny loser who is going out on a limb in hopes of getting laid (aka being a weirdo).

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    I'm going to say only two things, and these are the only two things that I have realized to be completely true in my life:

    -Nothing is black and white, so avoid thinking like that
    -There are no steps backwards

    Apply this to your situation as you will.


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      Hey Stargazer,

      And what if that "weirdo" part we'd slightly re-frame: someone who is so in touch with his desires, so comfortable in his skin and sexuality that when he decides he was to get laid, he simply goes out whenever the fuck he wants, parks his bike wherever the fuck he wants and goes to whichever bar he wants, and yes, all this to pull someone that night.

      I'd say that's not "weirdo", that's "badass" and, personally, I'd be happy if my social circle would see me in that situation. Thoughts?