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JWS 0099 Interview with Frank Kermit

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  • JWS 0099 Interview with Frank Kermit

    Link to the podcast: JWS 0099: We’re Back with FRANK TALKS!

    My first podcast in almost three years! After my usual, stellar introduction featuring a pertinent question from a listener, I interview Frank Kermit; Toronto-based relationship coach and author of the bestselling, Everything Out Of Her Mouth is a Test.

    Learn how you can Plant Seeds, Never Chase, and have the sex life of your dreams!

    This is the first of a three-part interview series with Frank Kermit. In this interview, Frank discusses:
    • His educational and experiential background
    • "Drama Therapy" and how it's used to help people overcome relationship trauma
    • How Frank accidentally got into the Dating and Relationship Advice business, mistakes he made, and how he re-calibrated for business success
    • From loneliness and suicidal thoughts to a happy life fantastic success with women
    • From victim mentality to taking full responsibility for everything in your life