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  • Stuck your dick in crazy?

    Go win the t-shirt, boys!

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    Originally posted by Snapfinger View Post
    I could tell some serious stories about when Crazy has stuck his dick into me.... LMAO I think I told you all about the guy who stripped naked in my driveway and started jacking off in front of all the neighbors when I wouldn't come outside and talk to him. Then when I went out to try and get him to stop he came up and bit me on the shoulder, hard enough to draw blood? Or when he showed up at my place of work wearing pajamas with red hearts all over them? I've done a few crazy things in the past myself, but couldn't top Money's hair on fire story. LOL


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      Does this count?

      I once knew a girl who was friends with my brother. We were out and I was more tanked than usual. We ended up kissing somehow and then we ended up on the move her and her friend started a fight with a guy who head butted me in the face, to which I replied "do you want to try that again?". He then ran away...

      We then went to a takeaway in which these two ggirls started a fight with 3 guys, one of which ended up in a headlock somehow, and was punching the back of my head (to no avail) while I told the other two to back off. I then hailed the proprietor to eject these 3 guys.

      When I got home I was looking forward to some sleep, she then takes off my pants and procedes to suck my cock, I was dead from the waist down. Not wanting to give up she ten asked if I had condoms which I didnt. I then fell asleep.

      A few years later I went to university and we ended up in the same city. After about 3 years of me mithering (also known as persistence) she agreed to come out to a club with me (and my friends), me being me decides to get wasted before I went out. I was in good spirits however and although she seemed more interested in one of my friends, she came back to my UNI residence. Being the strange girl that she is, she spent the early hours talking to my friends again. About 5am, I relented and said I was going to bed. This girl stopped straight away, following me to my room. I told her she could take the bed and prepared a bed on the floor for myself on the floor. She said I didn't have to sleep on the floor so I tucked myself in beside her and fell prompty asleep, or rather passed out.

      I woke up the next day about 9ish (I think) and I was still very drunk, she asked for a lift back home (which I had agreed to) but I was still too drunk to drive so I said I'll pay for a taxi, she refused to let me pay and ordered one and went on her way.

      We stayed in touch for a while and I actually saw her in a club a long time after (though she probably knew I was going there) my mates pointed her out she kicked up a fuss (maybe it was justified, not really sure) anyway I got kicked out.....

      I saw her one more time after that, she told me to find someone.... I did..

      There was a lot of shit between us I've left out but I still don't know who was crazier, me for being a total ass or her.
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        Response by blog poster

        Yes, that would count! We would love such submissions. i will talk to Master, we can come up with an alternative for the T-shirt if the shirt company won't ship to you.


        slave of DaddyK (owner of the blog holding the contest)