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    This thread is pretty much finished, but I like to make an effort to reply to everyone on my threads:

    Originally posted by Tarzan View Post
    Oh, I remember that girl. It was one of the first sex reports I read, and I liked it a lot.

    She was a good girl, and the beginning of your relationship was beautiful. I remember the time you {redacted} (photographic memory... don't ask ;-)).

    Natural to be nostalgic for something like that, it's not "BJ in the club bathroom #319".
    Aaaahhh how I miss BJ in the bathroom #319. That girl was kind of fat, though.
    But yes, good memory. I barely remember it, myself.

    What exactly do you mean? I don't understand what she said, nor your analysis of it.
    This quote got buried in the details and I'm too lazy to look it up, but MY photographic memory tells me it's something about how she used to comfort me. Basically, my frame was "I'm a detached player type" and hers was "I will lick your wounds". And believe me, it felt great no matter what she was licking.

    Really? Because she sounded like a great girl, and someone who suits you and your lifestyle well.

    Are you kidding me? That's actually a lot. Do you recognize your regret for not turning her into a GF? Did you actually try?
    I tried to turn her into a GF after I left town. Here's the most important point in this thread:
    When you let a girl go, LET HER GO. She was attracted to me at first because I was banging other girls, I was cool about her boyfriend, and I just had fun with her. {redacted}

    Contrast this to the last girl I had sex with, who also had a boyfriend and was on vacation here, from a far-away country. When it was time for her to go, I let her go. She kissed me about 40 times, got out of my car, and that was it. A couple of very brief "how was your trip?"s after, but we don't talk, now. And all that is left is a perfect memory of a wonderful time I spent with an amazing, sexually liberated girl.

    Originally posted by Madferret View Post
    Dreams are rarely literal, try to remember the feelings involved in your dreams rather than the actual content.

    That being said you can have moderate control of dreams. Lookup lucid dreaming, it does work and I've been doing it for years, though I rarely dream much.
    I used to play with this. I often had lucid dreams and could sometimes control them as well. I started getting confused about whether I was waking or dreaming and wasn't sure if memories were real or not. I don't actively induce this state anymore but I do have a very high retention of my dreams in the morning, until I let them disappear.

    Originally posted by Manneken-Pis View Post
    this might be the case

    you've realised that you've been happier before, than you are now and you attribute this to her, when indeed there's probably a lot of other contributing factors which made you so much happier back in the days

    no easy fix for that too - you have to get back the lifestyle that you liked so much back in the days and there's a chance you suddenly won't miss her anymore

    Yes! +1. Thanks for helping me come to this insight, Manneken. I've been thinking about this a lot the last few days. The root of this runs very deep, well beyond the scope of this forum, for me. {redacted}

    Originally posted by tryhard View Post
    That's a fucking great start! Just think of all those guys out there who haven't even slept with one girl in that time. Think of all the guys who have never slept with that many girls. Think of all the guys who are stuck in a relationship with a shitty gf. You're money bro

    Just give yourself as many opportunities to meet amazing new women as possible. Say yes to every invite. Create your own opportunities.

    This will pass. Just get out there.
    Working on it. Since my social life is so stagnant, I've recently shifted my focus more on internal development and stopped trying to force a vibrant social life so much. But I appreciate the encouragement!
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