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Stop Calling Your HB7 A 10

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    I like her vibe as well, the only type of girls that I feel no attraction is actually those from my country.


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      Here are a couple of secrets for all you kids out there:

      - a woman's self esteem or how she views herself on the rating scale isn't something you can control or even accurately ascertain - so FORGET IT

      - YOUR self esteem and where you place YOU on the stupid rating scale trumps every single tactic and technique ever posted on the Internet

      - there is not a man alive, on this forum or on this planet, who gives a shit what your opinion is about random females' 1-10 rating scale. Even thinking about it or discussing it like it matters makes you look ridiculous to both men and to women. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT

      have a wonderful day fellas


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        The subjective/objective argument is clouding the real issue which is this: we all want to fuck hotter women.

        We've been told that the same skills and beliefs work across the board with all women but of course results vary by user. The truth is MOST guys are still intimidated by beauty and especially by their "personal" 10, whoever she may be. That's fine. It's partly a biological response. But the real reason is harsh for most guys who just want a dependable supply of sex: you'll never have a 10. But that is not because game theory is misconceived. It's because of what JWS is saying above, coupled with the aforementioned "beauty-freeze": your inner/outer game is not tight enough.

        Also: I've said this many times but the idea hasn't really caught on...

        The difference between a 10 and a 9 is NOT subjective. It has to do with PRIVILEGED ACCESS. In every other way, a 9 might be as gorgeous as a 10 but, by definition, a 10 is a Blue Moon, the Homecoming Queen, the Supermodel, the One with All the Choices.

        More than game, it takes privileged access to get with these women. Think celebrities, douchebag fashion photographers and restauranteurs. If you should ever be so lucky as to stumble into the path of a genuine SHB10, the only way to game her is not to seem like you're gaming her and insinuate yourself somehow into her thoughts.

        Bottom line for me: if you're worrying about the quality of women you're getting, your game still has a way to go. But that's cool. That's why we're here.

        P.S. Oh and just to reply to Spiceboy's potshot about the FPL "promoting low quality lays," you sound like a feminist who wants to ration female sex. Like sex with a 6 doesn't count.

        While we definitely encouraged bragging and embellishment, no one was banging the retarded girl to claim a few extra points. Guys like Pelusita and Tov brought more actual female joy and ecstacy into fruition than every PUA forum on the internets. If you have any doubt that the challenge of competition brought out the best in guys and pushed them to new levels of sexual expression/experimentation, go back and read some of Nic's/Z's/Pelusita's reports from last year. Without the FPL, does half of that shit even get logged?


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          I disagree with what a lot of people have said in this thread. Looks are subjective by nature. There isn't a looks fairy that comes down and numbers women on a scale. There is no rule as to what a 10 looks like. In fact, the whole numbers scale is just insecure men trying to satisfy their own ego by claiming that they had sex with the hottest women.

          In reality, the scale has to be subjective. Because only your cock truly knows what a 10 is. To me, a 10 is a woman who is so good looking that if you had sex with another woman other than her, it would be a lateral move and you wouldn't feel like you were upgrading in the looks department. Any woman who is good looking enough that talking about her flaws is pointless and trivial, then that woman is your own personal 10, which makes her a 10. However, it should be based solely on her looks, and have nothing to do with her personality.

          The problem arises when guys lie to themselves and others to feed their ego. When they sleep with a woman who they know isn't as hot as what they truly want, but still inflate her level of beauty to make themselves look better. I can accept a guy saying Britney Spears is a 10 ( I feel the same way). I can accept a guy saying Kristen Stewart is a 10, even if I disagree. I can't accept a guy saying Melissa McCarthy is a 7. That's where guys are lying and misleading other guys. When you rate a woman high b/c she fucked you and has a good personality, that's when you're just trying to feed your own weak ego. And a lot of guys in this community are all about their egos.

          A woman's rating should be based on how you perceive her before you get to know her. Whatever you feel her looks are, then that's your rating of her. However, if you have been around this community long enough, you know that guys constantly lie about how hot their women are. They know they're full of shit, but they have products to sell. They have a false reputation to maintain. Anyone who saw the woman David DeAngelo married knows what I mean about these "gurus" being full of shit; that woman isn't anyone's definition of above average.



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            Dai - if a guy is into "privileged access" women then he's no longer talking about "looks". It's usually the female ego that cares so much about a guy's status, but to each his own.

            Guys should realize that who is privileged and who is not, at least for public consumption, is purely a marketing construct and has nothing to do with a happy sex life for anyone. I think it was $M who said he or a close friend was able to manifest dating and sleeping with supermodels and it was incredibly Unsatisfying. The people were vapid, the women were UGLY (according to his standards) and full of coke, they were generally speaking not very good in bed, and the people one had to spend time with were generally shallow and stupid, with little concern but their next job (like the rest of us), gossip and who was fucking whom. Broken fingernails were literally more serious than economic crisis or anything else outside of their little bubble.

            A GF of mine and I were talking about this .. I asked her why a woman might date a less attractive guy just because he was socially well connected or had status? She "because that's the best way for her to meet more hot guys!"

            bottom line is, one guy or another can come on here with their version of how to rate women (she's gotta be a celebrity, she's gotta make my dick hard, she's gotta be hot to the majority of other dudes, scientists have proven that..., survey says, my woman is hotter than David DeAngelo's, she's gotta impress my clients) ... All of it is total bullshit and no one cares what my 10 or your 10 or People Magazine's 10 is this week or next. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT IT IS PURELY SUBJECTIVE



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              If a woman makes you happy, who cares what other guys think of her.

              If she doesn't... likewise.


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                I'm wondering if you posted this in reaction to this old report by me that had been bumped up to the frontpage at the time you posted this? I realize it was/is the only thread in the AR forum that even makes reference to the looks scale in the title, and I get that the title is kinda misleading.

                Just wanted to say that that whole story was all about shattering limiting beliefs about what I perceived to be 'out of my league' at the time. She's very attractive, but yeah, no SHB. I'd edit the title if I could, but I've added a note to the thread stating that.

                I don't want to come off as a braggard around here. I have miles to go before I would give out advice on how to lay SHBs.



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                  Human brains do not have numerical inputs or outputs. Ratings are _somewhat_ subjective

                  For the same reason I am skeptical to believing too much in numerical goals.


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                    Key word in your OP is "PHOTO". You see photos of women. Photos arent shit. I have met up with chicks who I though was a 6, then in person she was instantly a 8, and vice versa as well. Some people are unphotogenic. The question is why do you even care?? When you read "...and we fucked that night! She was a 10." do you really question him thinking that girl is a 10? Because you shouldnt. Looks are subjective.