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Worst case scenario for a guest bartender

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  • Worst case scenario for a guest bartender

    Just venting about how shitty a bartender was last night. I eventually found out the club I frequent most, the place I was at last night, had a stripclub bartender guest tending. She knew what she was doing, actually made the drinks I ordered very well. The problem that came to light was that she was serving her friends and coworkers three times each for every one time she came over to me or my buddy. Not only that, but since it turned out to be planned the stripper girls who were there to see her were essentially working the crowd. I've met strippers, stripclub bartenders, etc before when they were just out and had no issue talking to them. But they seemed to actively decide they were gonna just go for as many free drinks from guys as possible. The ohter girls working the bar didn't seem to notice, they were busy working at the other end of the bar which was even more difficult to maneuver! GAAAAHHHH!!!

    Sad thing is, I didn't tip the bad service, but that girl probably made so much cash of other dudes it won't make a single difference. Will the fact that I wrote "never bring back this guest bartender" on my receipt matter? Who knows, but as a frequent customer of that venue I wanted to make my opinion known.

    Will I go again? Absolutely, but if I see that chick working the bar, I am turning around and leaving immediately.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaand venting done, back to breathing. No worries, people, I bought mozzarella sticks, jager, and don't work tomorrow. My mood picked back up within seconds of leaving once I realized that.

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    what's the point of this post really?

    did you learn something from this shitty situation, so that you can do better next time? Or you're just gonna whine about it next time it happens as well?



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      Off-topic forum. You could post about your own bad experiences, claim that you're amazing and would have ended up sleeping with four strippers that night, or just skip over.

      I wasn't thinking to go in anyone direction with it, even if you took the time to try to make me feel bad.


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        Life is hard.