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  • The Quintessential OKCupid Profile

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    A shit-wall


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      Seems to be the very definition of NWP's 'Type II' girl (if a little caricatured). Likes to party, drink and flirt; but hey it's OK because she loves God and listens to her daddy. Sigh...

      Meet her IRL, and you could definitely get her if you play it right. Play it wrong, and you'll be the guy she cheats on whilst blaming you for it. I pity the guy(s) who take her profile spiel seriously; she's gonna eat them alive ("why do guys say they need personal space? If you're alone, you're obviously cheating on me").

      A bit too airheaded for me, though. (Makes a point of never reading anything other than fashion mags and Cosmo, because books 'waste her time'? Did that really have to go in the profile, where everyone can see?)


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        It's so over the top, I assume it's a gag profile. However, Its also so accurate, it just might be real.


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          At least on a friday she "hits the clubs after bible studies";
          where i assume the vicar is DJing.

          No wonder i have never had any joy on okstupid.



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            After seeing how many of you guys have created fake profiles I have to wonder. I clicked over to look at the tests she took and she scored both very high on the slut test (way higher than me) and as a "Jerry Falwell Christian". The spelling is atrocious. Makes me think a guy created it just to see how many desperate guys would respond and offer to pay for her stuff (and boob job).


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              As I've talked about before: "Slutty Disney"..


              If it's real (and maybe it's not) then she's still under age 24 so all that provider crap she spouts won't mean shit in front of a strong Alpha/PUA. I have slept with tons of women like this.

              The only big difference between the 18-23s and the over 33s in terms of provider desires is that with the older women it's adamant requirement rather than a nice wish.
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