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The concept of "falling in love".

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  • The concept of "falling in love".

    First of all, the concept of falling in love does not necessarily mean "a woman who has an oneitis sexually".
    Let me explain: there are some women in LTR (or not) who say to men in front of their faces that they are
    in love with them, but on the other hand they admit that they are faithful in a relationship. That is what they
    say to every man: "My boyfriend such and such....Everything is going fine".

    I think that women can grow emotions about men in their social circles, they can admit their feelings, or hide
    them. Are there any overexertions which show the existence of such feelings? There is also love in platonic terms,
    or perhaps there isn't.

    Is the concept of the female "falling in love" an important one in terms of PU?